Custom Hypnosis Recording

  • Please fill out the brief form you receive once you purchase this session so I have a clear understanding of your main goal. 
  • I will make a recorded hypnotherapy session tailored to your specific goals within 2 business days.
  • I will email you the MP3 download link once I have prepared the recording.

Your intention in life, your iron will, self belief and strength of purpose can all be developed just as a muscle can grow stronger. This session will connect you deeply to a sense of your own inner strength and get you back on track encouraging the fast development of super inner strength based on your personal goals. Whether you want to work on a healthy weight, manage stress and pain, quit smoking, or any other goal, hypnotherapy can be your reset button.

Brainwave entrainment tones are mixed into the recording to allow for an even deeper relaxation.

Single Session:

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