The Hypno-Wellness Complete Solutions Program

Create a holistic healthy lifestyle using Hypno-Aromatherapy.

Gain access to my entire hypnotherapy library (new sessions added monthly!) when you join me in becoming a wholesale member of doTERRA:

  • All Hypno-Wellness 7-Day Intensive Programs
  • All Single Hypnosis Sessions
  • All Brainwave Entrainment Programs
  • All Healthy Lifestyle Guides

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(When you become a doTERRA wholesale member (starting at $35), I will email your login information to the The Hypno-Wellness Complete Solutions Program membership area.

Keep access to The Hypno-Wellness Complete Solutions Program for as long as you remain a wholesale member. Yearly renewal is only $35.)

Get Started as a doTERRA Wholesale Member

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  4. Select “Wholesale Customer.”
  5. The “Enroller ID” should already be filled in for you but if not, enter 8835015. Make sure that you leave this box checked, as it will ensure that you get my BONUS: The Hypno-Wellness Complete Solutions Program! 
  6. Pick an ENROLLMENT STARTER KIT and waive the $35 membership fee OR Choose Any Products you’d like to start with, and add the $35 wholesale membership fee.
  7. That’s it! It’s super easy to get set up with your wholesale savings. Next, you’re going to receive a welcome email from me and access to The Hypno-Wellness Complete Solutions Program as well as all of my SPECIAL education resources, support calls and Facebook page. You’ll be an essential oil expert in no time!

Optional Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)

  • First and foremost, it’s 100% optional – you can join or quit at any time
  • You can receive between 10-30% back in FREE product credits each month AND also receive the FREE Product of the Month (POM)
  • Your LRP orders are customizable to your preference – order how much you want each month and get rewarded for it, there are no restrictions.
  • Every LRP order reimburses 100% shipping  - Every dollar you spend in shipping comes back in free product credits – no matter the shipping option that you choose!
  • You can use your product credits whenever you want on products that you love!

Are You a Wellness Advocate?

Does this sound like you?

  • You are passionate about your physical and mental health. You are a hypnotherapist (like I am), health coach, massage therapist, nutritionist, yoga teacher, chiropractor, social worker, or anyone in the health and wellness industry who’s ready to create residual income.  
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Please reach out to me if you need help with hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, or anything else related to your self-care and mental wellness. I am happy to help in any way I can:)

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