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You can purchase essential oils just about anywhere these days. Pharmacies, Walmart, Amazon... Sometimes you see these "essential oils" in bulk bins for $1. Please, if you find essential oils for $1, DO NOT WASTE YOUR $1!

I've gone the cheap route before, only to discover the oils I had purchased were highly adulterated with synthetic fragrance.

These oils smell great in your toilet, but they just don't have the therapeutic chemical compounds of quality, pure essential oils. 

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Please learn from my mistakes...

When I first started reading about the benefits  and uses for essential oils, especially for sleep,  I decided to go out and get myself some lavender oil to sprinkle on my pillow.

So, I went to the pharmacy and found a bottle of lavender oil on sale for $5.

I was psyched!

I sprinkled a few drops on my pillow that night ready for a blissful night of rest. The smell was pleasant, but I found that it was still taking me a long time to fall asleep. That was my first experience with "essential oils." As you can imagine, I quickly gave up on using my lavender. Actually, I ended up putting that oil in my toilet to freshen up my bathroom.

Fast forward years later, I overheard a woman talking to friend about how essential oils were really helping her with pain. She went on to say that not all oils were created equal, though. You had to make sure that what you were getting was pure and not some cheap drug store kind! 

Oh, boy! I realized I was that person who bought the cheap drug store oil that really had no therapeutic benefit. 

Being the curious researcher that I am, I decided to go back to the drawing board and figure out where I could find what I call "Real Essential Oils." So, I found lavender that was pure and unadulterated and repeated my sleep experiment.  That night, I was knocked out! 

Scented candles, perfumes, lotions and potions are wonderful, and I definitely purchase these and enjoy them. However, if you're looking to gain the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, these items will not do the trick! You have to go for pure, unadulterated essential oils. Unfortunately, even a lot of the oils out there touted as "pure" essential oils are synthetically produced and/or adulterated. 

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My recommendation for Plant Therapy essential oils and supplements

I ONLY recommend tools and products to my clients that I personally use and love. As a mental health practitioner,  I thoroughly research everything that I recommend. I researched Plant Therapy for several months before I made the decision to use this specific brand.

Plant Therapy's essential oils set the standard for the purest, highest grade essential oil on the market. They test each and every batch of oils using third-party gas chromatography. 

  • Plant Therapy follows strict and sustainable co-impact growing processes.
  • They source their oils from the plant’s indigenous environment around the world.
  • The oils are pure with no fillers, artificial ingredients, or contaminants of any kind.

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Are you ready for optimum health & mental wellness?

Essential oils – concentrated oils extracted from plants – are a pretty big conversation topic right now in just about every field that touches on human health and wellness. I admit I'm a bit of a skeptic (or at least I was) when it comes to essential oils. I like to base my health decisions based on real scientific research. 

I teach others how to take a multi-pronged approach to mental and physical wellness. There's no great panacea that will cure anyone. Hypnotherapy is not enough. Essential oils are not enough. No one thing is ever enough. It's always many different activities, new habits, techniques, products working together that help people improve their lives and achieve their goals. 

I teach others how to use a variety of science-based wellness techniques for optimum physical and mental health. Aromatherapy, using Plant Therapy essential oils, happens to be one of the approaches I recommend:)

I now use and recommend Plant Therapy essential oils daily to manage my own stress and help my clients achieve their goals. Essential oils, proper nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, self-hypnosis all work together to create a healthy lifestyle.

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Please reach out to me if you need help with essential oils, hypnotherapy, or anything else related to your self-care. I am happy to help in any way I can:)


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