Addictions & Bad Habits Hypnosis

You've probably tried to help yourself break your addiction or bad habit before but have found that, no matter how hard you try to use willpower, it ambushes you at your weakest moments. Hypnosis can help you escape the clutches of addiction and unwanted habits by helping you train your brain to "step out" of the addictive trance state before it happens.

Using hypnosis, you can access those unconscious levels where automatic behavior patterns are set up – all those things you do without even noticing you’re doing them until you’ve done them. Then, you can easily and comfortably establish a new set of behaviors that will meet those needs more appropriately – and even more effectively.

Single Sessions:

Hypno-Wellness 7-Day Intensive Programs:

Day 1: Ease Alcohol Withdrawal

Day 2: End Alcohol Abuse

Day3: Alcohol Abstinence

Day 4: Party Without Alcohol

Day 5: Anxiety Help

Day 6: Impulse Control

Day 7: Let Go of the Past

Day 1:

  • Stop Being Brainwashed
  • Stop the Addiction

Day 2:

  • Cigarette Breakup
  • Be a Non-Smoker

Day 3:

  • Break All Associations with Cigarettes
  • Kick Butt

Day 4:

  • Total Freedom

Day 5:

  • Aversion to Cigarettes

Day 6:

  • No Weight Gain

Day 7:

  • Smoke Free Forever

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