Age Is a State of Mind: Use Your Subconscious Mind to Live Better

Age Is a State of Mind: Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty beaten up by life. Work has been extremely stressful and my brain has been on a roller coaster ride. Additionally, I have been feeling as though my age has been catching up with my body.

I tend to throw out my back every 45 days doing trivial things like making meatballs or shaving. Sadly, I can’t brag about having dislodged my L5 due to wrestling a crocodile. A muscle pull takes 2 weeks to heal and I can accurately predict the weather by how my joints feel – weathermen and women beware…


This mindset began when I was in my 40’s and tends to come and go. Sometimes I feel as though my best years are now well and truly behind me. But this is a common feeling as we get older.  

When I am down like this, Melissa reminds me that age is a state of mind, not a number. How true. If you believe you are old, you will be old. If you believe your best days are behind you, they will be.

It doesn’t have to be like this. It is a choice. Life isn’t just for the young. Perhaps if more of us “seasoned” people adopted this mindset, we wouldn’t be swept under the rug by society.

Consider the following points when embracing the view that age is a state of mind:


Life is always full of opportunities, no matter what your age:

One of the most common beliefs when you get older, is that there is nothing left to learn or achieve. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Perhaps you could try your hand at a different career path? Or maybe you could start learning a new language – I created my own…

Adopt the mindset that learning never ends. Wisdom evolves if you allow it to do so.


Success is still within reach:

Around middle age, it’s common to start thinking you have achieved everything you are going to achieve by now. Again, this is total rubbish! There are still lots of things you can achieve. In fact, age can contribute towards success…

Think about the things you have always wanted to accomplish. Now go after them.

Consider the fact that you have the advantage of having learned many of life’s lessons. You have developed many skills and acquired an enviable amount of knowledge. This makes you primed for further success. It is never too late to change your direction and go down a different path.


Never stop enjoying life:

Change your perception. You choose how you view the world and how much enjoyment you get out of it. We have the power to change our own lives. You can enjoy your life now and in the coming years, much more than you enjoyed it when you were younger.

There is youth within all of us throughout our lives:

 I don’t believe we lose our youth. We bury it. It’s still there. Nurture that mischievous inner child. Try to find the humor in everything. Play jokes on friends and loved ones. It’s hard to feel old when you’re laughing your tush off!


Fake it till you make it:

Stop slouching, stand up straight, stop shuffling, and update your wardrobe. But skinny jeans or miniskirts are your call! 


Attend that yoga class. Join a hiking club. Take dance lessons. Train for that 5k if you wish. BUT TAKE ACTION!


I’m feeling better already. I enjoy writing these articles because they help me pause and zoom out from my life. They enrich and uplift me. They make me feel youthful. They make me realize that age IS a state of mind.


Now back to those meatballs … ~Ted

Age Is a State of Mind: Set Your Subconscious Mind to Live Longer and Better ~parts adapted via

We all know that diet, exercise and genetics play a role in how long you live and how healthy you are in later life.

But, numerous studies have shown that attitude is a key factor in longevity.

One study showed that older peoples' own opinion of their state of health was more important in predicting longevity than their actual health.

Research conducted at Hull University in the UK demonstrated that cancer patients who received hypnotherapy appeared to live significantly longer than those who didn’t have the hypnosis. 

And there are many other pieces of research showing the impact of optimism on health.

Use hypnosis for a longevity mindset.

Hypnosis will help you develop a positive, energetic attitude to life as you age, making sure that your mind has the right blueprint for an active healthy later life.

Nothing can guarantee you will live to be 100, but you can give yourself the best chance through the power of hypnosis.

Age Is a State of Mind and More Ways to Live a Purposeful Life