Avoid a Break-Up: 4 Tips

Avoid a Break-Up: Every relationship has its good days and its bad days.  If it didn't it would be a pretty boring relationship.  In order to appreciate all of the good in the relationship you have to go through some of the bad.  However, can you avoid breaking-up in your relationship when times get a little bit tough?  Of course you can.

There are so many different reasons that couples break-up that it's impossible to cover those reasons in one article, so I'll try to just cover a few of the reasons so that you can try to avoid them.

Avoid a Break-Up:
4 Tips to Use Today

1.    Lack of communication.  Sometimes we get so busy in our own lives that we just stop talking to each other.  Work or other things seem to overtake our entire world so the other person in the relationship feels left out; or is the one feeling left out.

2.    Taking the other person for granted.  Most of us have been there and done that on one side or the other.  Things get done or you do things around the house or elsewhere and the other person just expects those things to continue to automatically get done.  You just know that the other person will always be there so you forget to thank them or tell them just how much you appreciate everything they do.  Keep that as a priority in your relationship and it will come back to you. 

3.    Lack of affection for one another.  Do you begin or end your day with a simple kiss on the cheek for your partner?  If so, you aren't really being very affectionate toward one another.  Relationships depend on closeness and affection and if that goes away, chances are, so will the relationship.  Take time to really kiss your partner or just give them a random hug.  It might catch them off guard the first couple of times, but after a while, they'll probably be the one who initiates it the next time.

4.    You don't "date" anymore.  Remember what it was like when you first started dating?  You both were so excited, so in tune with the other person that you just couldn't wait to see them again?  Well, you can get that back by going on a date at least once a week.  You don't have to do anything expensive if you are on a budget, but just getting out of the house for a real date can make a huge difference in a relationship.  If you get stagnant and just do the same old, same old every single day, your relationship will surely suffer.

These are just a few things that can cause a relationship to end.  The sad part is, they can all be avoided by just giving your partner a little attention and love and focus on your relationship more than the other things that aren't as important.

Avoid a Break-Up:
Use Hypnosis

Why would you want help with relationships? Because relationships are the central pillar of a happy and satisfying life, that's why. Whether it's about making it work with a new partner, just enjoying a date, putting things right after a spat, or dealing with insecurity, hypnosis can really help you deal with the psychological and emotional issues that arise in any relationship.

Nor is it just about partners/dates/spouses. Your family and social links are just as important for your health and well being as your connection with a 'significant other'. Life's so much better when you can get on with your mom or dad, step mom or step dad, children or step children, siblings or step siblings - and let's not even mention the in-laws!

Whether you are currently dating, or in a long-term partnership, browse our downloads to see if we can help you make more of the relationships you treasure.

Avoid a Break-Up:
Put the spark back in your relationship

Avoid a Break-Up: What happens when the first flush of love passes

But after you've been together for a while, you start to notice that the overwhelming nature of your love seems to have waned. You still love your partner and are still committed but a sameness can creep in. Maybe you find those enchanting little 'quirks' starting to grate or the everyday grind and external pressures conspire to pull you out of your private little world of love. You begin to wonder where the spark has gone.

Avoid a Break-Up: Cool times for once 'hot' relationships can be scary

It's easy to panic at this stage of a relationship. In the early heady days of first love, you feel like you and your partner can conquer anything with the power of your love. You feel as if you could never tire of each other's company. So when dull days dawn, and rows reverberate, and you wonder whatever happened to intimacy and sex, it can feel as if the world is falling. Have you made a dreadful mistake? Is it 'the end'?

Avoid a Break-Up: Misplaced expectations about love lead to disappointment

Two major problems affect relationships.  The first is the unrealistic expectations we have of them. Some of that is natural to 'being in love'. It puts you on a high where you easily believe that you will always be able to keep the spark going in your relationship, because you love each other so much. But some of it comes from what we are fed about relationships by the romantic movies we watch or the books we read.

Avoid a Break-Up: Good relationships need good 'gardeners' of love

The second difficulty in keeping relationships rewarding, satisfying and fun is that we often don't do enough 'gardening'.  We leave the relationship to 'take care of itself'. And any gardener will tell you that a garden left to itself will look lovely for a while and will then gradually deteriorate into a tangle of weeds and scrub. A place you wouldn't want to spend any time.

But just how do you set about 'cultivating' your relationship, ensuring that the flowers of love continue to bloom?

Avoid a Break-Up: Hypnosis can help you put the spark back in your relationship

Put the spark back into your relationship is an audio hypnosis session for lovers. Using powerful hypnotic techniques and deploying the latest psychological understanding of what makes relationships 'sparkle', this deeply relaxing session will take you on a wonderful inner journey to the roots of your love.

As you, or you and your lover together, relax and enjoy listening to Put the spark back into your relationship, you will rediscover what really makes your relationship special. And as you go even deeper relaxed each time you listen, you will find yourself effortlessly becoming a true gardener of love - cherishing, nurturing, feeding, pruning and seeding the garden of your relationship - and reveling in the beautiful blooms of love.

Download Put the spark back into your relationship and enjoy those wonderful powerful feelings of attraction once again.

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