How To Be More Spiritual 

Are you looking for ways to be more spiritual?  I believe it is becoming increasingly important to do so in today’s new world. We are living in challenging times, changing times.  The prime culprits are technology and data collection. We have become tethered to our computers, watches, smartphones, and TVs.  News Flash: We are worshipping electronic gods that are hell bent on one thing: monitoring and controlling every aspect of our lives.

When I hear the word “Social,” two words immediately come to mind: Distancing and Media. I am old enough to remember when it had a better connotation. It’s sad, but true. Add the daily barrage by agenda driven media, ads, and “reality” TV shows and it’s no wonder we crave a simpler and more spiritual life. We can’t even fill our gas tanks without being accosted by a TV monitor with a cause.      

What does it mean to be more spiritual?

There are a couple of basic definitions for Spiritual:

1) Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

2) Relating to religion or religious belief.

One can extrapolate into different variations, but these starter definitions should be enough for the purpose of this article. 

We have the power to change our reactions and to some extent, our environment.  Stop allowing yourself to be controlled and start taking control. Unplug the electronic devices. It’s empowering and opens the doorway to a calmer, more centered, and peaceful life.

Stop running away. Be silent. Be still. Begin. Find your peaceful place: a quiet uncluttered room, a wooded trail, a serene spot by the pond or river. Start your day on a spiritual path of your choosing: some meditation, prayer (to whomever or whatever), reading your bible or writing in your journal, or simply focus on gratitude.  Pick something that feels right for you. Being more spiritual can be faith-based or non-religious.

Be more spiritual first thing in the morning...

Pick something and spend the first 15 to 30 minutes of your day working on your spirit. Brew a cup of coffee or tea, return to your comfortable place and enjoy this routine. Stick to it each and every day and do your best to have some quiet time. This may require getting up a little earlier so you can have that time for yourself. Believe me, it is time well spent.

Being more spiritual first thing in the morning accomplishes two important things for you. 

1.   You won’t get interrupted (fingers crossed) and no matter how hectic the rest of your day goes, you have these few moments for yourself. 

2.   It sets the mood for the rest of your day. You’ll find yourself becoming a more spiritual person throughout the rest of your busy day by focusing on it as soon as you wake up.

Not only will these few minutes lift you up, they will carry you through the rest of your busy day. Give it a try and you may just find yourself being calmer, more centered and happier than before. 

Be more spiritual:
Here's your assignment for the next few days

Pick an activity you can do for a few minutes in the morning that is spiritual. Read the bible, a motivational book, do some meditation or try journaling. Start your day off with 15 minutes of doing something to nourish your soul. Make it a daily habit and watch how it will transform the rest of your day.

So many people spend their lives in their heads, not aware of the world around them or how they are moving through it.

All it takes is a small but significant mental gear shift for us to engineer true happiness and be more spiritual. Need a little extra help with self-improvement? Browse my self-help shop for the best of the best tools for rapid change.


How to Be More Spiritual and Other Feel-Good Endeavors