Beating Social Media Addiction

Beating social media addiction is possible despite the power it has over many people. We bear witness to a vast array of technological innovations on a daily basis. We have computers, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and smart glasses. These devices are just a few of what seems to be countless innovations that are improving(?) our lives.

Beating Social Media Addiction:
A Virtual World Of Polarities

These devices serve as portals to social media - that virtual world of polarities. One side of the spectrum promotes peace, love, and help for our fellow humans. The other spotlights a freakish carnival of distorted happiness, political posturing, posing, jokes, shaming, selling, and self-congratulatory narration. And everything in between. How can we not be drawn into this lair?

Though not currently recognized as a disorder by the World Health Organization or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), excessive social media use has its consequences. Of the 3 billion current social media users, an estimated 210 million suffer from internet and social media addictions. Without a doubt, beating social media addiction will become a goal for even more of the world’s population.

Beating Social Media Addiction:
Know the Signs of Social Media Addiction

Signs of social media addiction may include increased anxiety if you aren’t checking your phone, compulsive checking of status updates (while at work, in bed, driving – don’t do this!), bringing your phone with you to the bathroom when you are at home, the inability to complete work assignments, judging yourself based on the number of “likes” you get, you jump like a trained circus animal any time you hear a push notification, you check updates first thing in the morning and then as you lay down to sleep.


Beating Social Media Addiction:
Great News! There's Hope!

Beating social media addiction is possible if you do the following:

  • Admit you have a problem.
  • Get angry (in a healthy way). Think about the death grip this addiction has had on your life and how it’s affected your relationship with    loved ones.
  • Ask for help, if necessary. 
  • Distance yourself from your electronics. Keep your phone in another room and schedule an "unplugged" period every day. It can be multiple times throughout the day. Start with a small amount of time and gradually increase it. Give yourself that free time.
  • Limit your access to one device.
  • Turn off push notifications. Those annoying alerts, beeps, buzzes, rings, dings, and bells that sound off every time something happens on your phone are simply UNNECESSARY. The world will keep turning without push notifications.
  • Focus on how your life will improve without the stress and negative influences of social media.
  • Keep a written journal and make note of your feelings and how they improve over time (they will). A journal can be a visual and tangible  reminder of your progress.

Beating Social Media Addiction:
Take Back Control Of Your Life

Beating social media addiction will help you take back control of your life. Stop sacrificing the quality of your life, your physical and mental health, for an electronic gadget. You deserve the happiness derived from living a full life. Live that life in this beautiful world instead of the virtual one. Here’s to your health. 

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