3 Benefits of Growing Marijuana at Home

If you live in a state where growing marijuana is legal, then you’re probably better off cultivating your own. Whereas growing marijuana at home does have its drawbacks, there are many benefits to having your own supply. As with any type of gardening, marijuana plants require care and maintenance and could attract pests or bugs. The smell is also quite noticeable to your neighbors. Having said that, it can be a nice addition to your herb garden. Here are three benefits to growing marijuana legally at home. 

More affordable

Once you’ve bought your equipment and set up your plants, growing marijuana will work out as much cheaper for you. It’s more expensive if you buy it from a dispensary and if you keep your plants alive this money stays in your pocket.


You’ll have your own constant supply so you can take control of your health rather than relying on dispensaries being available. Growing marijuana legally at home is much more convenient. Obviously this depends on your yield and how well you take care of your plants.

Reliable source

If you grow your own marijuana legally at home you can guarantee more purity and quality control. You’ll be in control of everything and won’t need to worry about any of the drawbacks of mass-produced marijuana. 

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