Boosting Creativity with Mind Power

Boosting Creativity: I believe embracing and boosting creativity is crucial for improving the quality and depth of one’s life. Creativity can take on many forms and be applied to various pursuits.

It can be employed in music, writing, painting, acting, cooking, and even in one’s chosen profession – but its applications are limitless. 

It may be something you have yet to discover. I for one was not very creative when I tried my hand at drawing. I thought there might be some hope when my stick figures began carrying fishing rods and weapons, but I had to call time of death on that pursuit ….. so did my therapist. 

But I forced myself to try new things. I always enjoyed cooking but decided to venture out and push myself to modify recipes and even come up with my own. My universe expanded as did my waistline (weight loss article coming!!).

My ultimate creative love comes from tying my own flies for fly fishing. 

It started by taking one class at a local fly fishing club and the rest is history. Now I design my own flies. I also have a room dedicated to my craft that would rival both Norman Bates’s basement and Hobby Lobby. 

Enough babble. Let’s get started.

Why is Creativity so important?  

  • It’s exercise for your brain. Remember the mind body creation? What’s good for the brain is good for your physical health (and vice-versa). Fostering creativity makes your brain work differently. It fires up your neural pathways – it’s like stretching tight muscles and building more muscle. On that note ….
  • It can improve your health. Those neural pathways can reduce stress and anxiety. Creativity can also reduce cognitive aging (reasoning, memory, and processing speed).
  • Creativity makes you a better problem solver. Think about it, the more creative you become, the more your brain learns to operate at a different level. Your mind becomes more adaptable and flexible in various situations.
  • Creativity Builds Confidence and Personal Satisfaction. Enough said.  


What are some roadblocks to creativity?

  • Rules. Some rules are good. But when you are being paralyzed by “should” and “ought to” statements, perhaps it’s time to reassess things. It’s these statements, perhaps unreasonable statements, that are blocking your creativity. Stop coloring within other peoples’ lines and start thinking in terms of creating your own artwork. 
  • Fear of Failure. Often times, we talk ourselves out of doing something before we even give it a try. We’ve all been there. It’s important to remember that creativity is a process which requires some degree of risk. It can be argued that perfectionism is feeding this fear. The sooner you ditch this mindset, the easier it will become to boost your creativity.
  • Environment. Wherever you are, if you are feeling stuck or unmotivated, consider changing your environment. If you’ve been at your computer screen or on social media, unplug and get outside. Experience nature or go to a museum or a park. Anywhere. Find places that clear your mind and provide inspiration.
  • Not knowing where to begin. Remember this saying: “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Pick something, anything new. Join a club, take a painting lesson, sketch - start by drawing stick figures! Not everything “clicks” the first time around (maybe it will for you). Remember that this is a process. Stick with it!
  • Time Management. You must be willing to devote time in order to develop your creativity. Start making this a priority. It’s worth the investment.


I hope you have found this helpful. I know for a fact that my life has been enriched because I have taken time to boost my creativity. It’s given me a different perspective on life. It’s even helped save me in certain situations.

I encourage you to make this investment. I think you’ll like the returns. ~Ted

Boosting Creativity with Hypnosis ~parts adapted via

Are you looking for inspiration for something you're working on?

Or perhaps you want to be able to think out of the box more, or get over a creative block?

Everyone has creativity built into them. Of course some people naturally have more flair for coming up with new ideas than others, but creativity is part of our inalienable genetic inheritance as humans. You are packed full of creative resources.

So what causes creative blocks?

The biggest block to being more creative is not so much lack of creative talent as trying too hard

Telling yourself to "think creatively"- like other injunctions that you might beat yourself up with - is likely to send you into the doldrums straight away. And leave you right out of ideas.

The fact is, "creativity" is an subconscious process. It goes on in the back of your mind, and you get the best results when you create the right environment for it to happen, and then give it the space and time to happen.

Which means getting out of the way. Keeping your conscious mind, with all its analyzing and planning, out of it.

Hypnosis can help you take your conscious fingers out of the creativity process and leave your subconscious mind to come up with the sorts of ideas, solutions and innovations that it is so brilliantly good at.

How hypnosis can help you quickly become more creative

Hypnosis will help you tap into and augment your natural ability to be inventive and ingenious.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your hypnosis sessions, you'll surprise yourself with just how many new ideas and ways of doing things you find yourself coming up with on a regular basis. You'll notice that you:

  • Become much more sensitive to possible correlations between seemingly unconnected phenomena.
  • Find many ways to make use of these new interconnections.
  • Learn the secrets of keeping your creativity at high pitch.
  • Trust yourself more to come up with ideas.
  • Have so much fun!

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