Build Up That Muscle for Plenty of Rewards

Are you wanting to really build those muscles but are struggling on how to? Being fit and healthy feels good and can help combat stress too. Stress has a huge negative effect on the body and can pose a lot of health troubles too. It is never productive to ignore it, but with regular exercise, you can assist those problems and build your body up to a healthy and fit state. Here are some simple training and nutrition tips to help you do just that.

Eat well: Start consulting food packaging to see approximately how many calories you eat per day. Then add 500 to them and follow this plan every day, aiming to consume about 2g. protein per kilogram of body weight every day. Be sure not to overdo processed foods and sugars because this is counterproductive.

Limit aerobics: Have you ever thought that excessive aerobics can reduce the rate of increase in muscle mass? It's time to do it, but without eliminating it completely. Try to do aerobic exercise (relaxed running) up to 2 times a week for about thirty minutes. Even better, to burn fat, you can try to do intermittent sprints, ie 1 minute sprint with 2 minutes of relaxed running, for 30 minutes 2-3 times a week. 

Exercise repetition: Although quite general, there is a range of repetitions which benefits the increase of muscle mass, but also the number of sets per workout that is appropriate. In particular, avoid doing more than 20 sets per muscle group per workout and choose something close to 12. Finally, from workout to workout, aim to do something more: either it means more repetitions than the previous time, or "lifting" pounds, but with the right technique.

Change your routine: Every six weeks or so you should change some part of your workout, whether it's the repetitions or the rest time or the exercises you do. Do not make big changes and avoid changing exercises often. Muscles need regular stimulation in specific movements to grow. Do multi-joint exercises which will assist. Incorporate into your program, some exercises that train many muscle groups at the same time: sitting, pulling, pushing, lifting. On the one hand in these exercises it is easier to gain weight from workout to workout and therefore to give more stimulation to the muscles, on the other hand they "burn" more calories. 

Get adequate sleep: Yes, it’s easier said than done but this is what will help repair your muscles quicker. If you have any type of injury or issues with your muscles and joints you should certainly consider the treatment and advice of a physio. Whatever you do in your workouts, no matter how many pounds you lift, you will not see the difference in your body that you ask for if you do not rest properly. Your body won’t recover quick enough so be sure to "listen" to your body, and rest when it asks you and it is certain that it will reward you. 

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