3 Simple Ways To Care For Your Staff During Lockdowns

If you are an employer that has embraced remote working because of the coronavirus, you need to consider how you can help your staff through these uncertain times. While they may have their own support networks, they also need added support and guidance professionally. Being at home and working for the boss can lead to many workers feeling an added pressure to perform. While you want to maintain a productive workforce, you need to respect that these are uncertain times for all. Take a look at how you can care for your staff during lockdown.


Communication is more important than ever if your team is working from the comfort of their own dining table. They need to be kept in the loop. During this global pandemic, you may have to make some difficult decisions as a company, so it’s only right that your employees are kept informed at all times. If you pride yourself on strong business communication, get on Teams, and have that usual Monday morning briefing in the virtual world. Your staff still have time to voice their opinions and concerns, and contribute ideas to your business vision. On a Friday, send out a weekly email name checking those individuals who have gone above and beyond. Consider bringing in a less formal meetup too. While you might not be able to go for those drinks after work on a Friday at the moment, you can have a virtual social, complete with pub quiz to give your team time to relax and unwind. This can prevent feelings of stress and anxiety.


Working from home can sound like bliss initially, but many of your employees will soon miss the camaraderie of the office. To combat this, give them some guidance about how to cope when working flexibly. Encourage your employees to take regular breaks, venture outside when they can, and complete a normal work day. It’s all too tempting to wake up late, stay in your pajamas, and work late into the evening. This isn’t conducive to the most productive working.

When considering their physical health, encourage them to sit at a desk rather than stay on the sofa with a laptop on their lap. A laptop tower stand by a company like obVus Solutions can ensure that the posture of your employees stays healthy. This means your team won’t have to worry about neck niggles and achy backs.

Reopening The Office

If you are reopening your office, make sure your employees feel safe to come back by making the environment Covid-secure. Ensure that you work out a one way system of movement, have hand sanitizers throughout the office, and keep your employees back to back and two meters away from each other. It may mean fewer people can be in the office, so set up a rota that everyone is happy with.

Being a decent boss means valuing your employees. There’s never been a more crucial time to show your staff team just how much you care about them.

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