3 Common Causes of Stress (And How to Tackle Them)

We can't always escape stress, but it is sometimes possible to tackle it at its source. 

So, never assume your life is going to be filled with stresses forever. Take a step back, consider why you might feel stressed, and then take the necessary steps to combat the issues that are affecting you.

Some of the common causes of stress include the following.

#1: Finances (or lack of them)

Money doesn't necessarily buy us true happiness, but it can make our lives a heck of a lot easier. But if you're struggling financially, your life might be anything but easy. You might be struggling to pay the bills, you might be up to your eyeballs in debt, and you might lack the resources to provide for your basic needs. Needless to say, you might be feeling stress because of your financial position.


  • Be proactive and find ways to improve your financial position. You can do this by taking on a side-hustle, taking on extra hours at work, and by finding a job that pays more than your current position. 
  • You might want to seek support too, especially if you are in debt. There are many debt-relief charities out there, so seek their advice, as they will be able to offer you strategies for getting out of debt
  • There is much more you can do, of course, and these include our previous suggestions on tackling financial stress.

#2: Family issues

As the saying goes, we can choose our friends but we can't choose our families. And let's face it, our family members can sometimes cause us a lot of stress. There are times when family arguments will erupt, sometimes over the smallest things. There are times when tensions will arise in the household because of the bad behavior of another. And there are times when stress will arise because of a change in the family, such as the birth of a new child or when a parent loses their job.


  • It is impossible to cover every aspect of family stress here because let's face it, the reasons can be wide and many. But generally speaking, the best course of action is often to show love, especially when arguments arise. If you and your other family members can forgive one another and resolve differences through a loving conversation, stresses can sometimes be alleviated. 
  • For larger issues, there might be a need for professional support, perhaps through family counseling or through the services of any other outside agency that can handle the issues happening within your family. 
  • Check out these other high-stress family situations, and consider the suggestions given to alleviate them.

#3: Busyness

If you're always on the go, you are going to tire yourself out, lose perspective, and have less time to rest and relax. Needless to say, the busier you become, the more stressed you will become, as you could take on too much during your day.


  • Quite simply, stop taking on too much. If you can delegate to another, be that at home or at work, you will have more time to relax and de-stress.
  • You might want to prioritize your time too. There will be some tasks that can be left until another day, so don't overload your day with things to do, as you do need to make time for me-time. 

For more advice, check out these time-management tips

Continue around the website for ways to handle the stress in your life, as no matter the cause, you can benefit your health by using the strategies we have offered you.

Common Causes of Stress and Interview with the Vampire (aka STRESS)