End Emotional Eating with Hypnosis

What a shitty day it’s been. It’s been one of those days where there seems to be a dark cloud following me everywhere.  Buttons pushed – friction, anger, fatigue, anxiety, darkness. This is following a short period where Melissa and I experienced a tire blowout, a broken refrigerator (just after returning with groceries), and the sprinkler system breaking.

We have also been dealing with my mother who has dementia – a very cruel disease.  We begin to face each day waiting to “get hit” again.

 No matter what you try to do, it feels as though the universe is working against you. We are craving control of some sort – a desperate attempt to pull out of the emotional nosedive. Control is very important to me. It always has been.

You’ve been there in one form or another. I realize it could always be worse, but these situations trigger my desire to regain control. Unfortunately, I turn to food. I can control the intake and feed my desire for “righting” my universe.  I feel a sense of entitlement while going through a tough period. I deserve to eat like a lion after feeling like a cosmic punching bag. 


I call it “Anger Eating.”  In the past, I have come home and obliterated a package of chop meat, a loaf of bread, a package of cheese and peanut butter simply because I felt cheated by the universe. Then

I ate dinner …. Neighbors were hiding their pets because I started looking at them as if they were walking roasts.  I screamed to the heavens asking “What do you friggin want from me??”


Today was different. I finally drew a line in the sand. Why should I punish myself by gorging on unhealthy food? Side note: this is an excellent reason as to why we should limit the amount of “treats” in our homes. Things aren’t going the way I want, but it doesn’t mean I should give in and abuse my body (and in turn, worsen my mental health).  I never felt better after an emotional eating episode. I always felt defeated.


Additionally, I just replaced my wardrobe – I got rid of my “Big Clothes” and replaced them with smaller sizes (that I actually fit in). I can’t go back to the Big Clothes – a powerful motivator.  If things aren’t going right, I might as well look good while going through the poop storm.


What a great way to take ultimate control by being good to yourself, by committing to a healthier life style. I can honestly say that I feel better with this decision than the prior one. Our pets are safe.

End Emotional Eating: Harness the power of your mind

Hypnosis is the best way to train your mind to choose to eat healthy foods as a matter of course.

Are you fed up with losing weight and then putting it back on again?

Do you find it a struggle to maintain a healthy eating regime?

That word - regime - may be the culprit. It can have the same effect on you as the word "routine." These words suggest being hard on yourself. Making rules. Punishing yourself if you go 'off the rails'. It makes the whole business of getting to and maintaining a healthy weight seem like so much hard work. You can keep it up for a while, but then you just get exhausted!

And once you have fallen off, you are more likely to say to yourself, "What's the point? I'll never manage it!" And then you swing in the opposite direction and over-indulge yourself. Unfortunately, the consequences of that don't exactly make you happy either, do they?

Do you need more willpower to eat healthy foods?

How do you get out of this? Do you just need more will power?

Of course, will power plays a vital role when it comes to making important decisions in your life. If you want to turn things around in your life, you know that you need will power to make the decision to start, and will power to persevere with all the steps required to implement and maintain the changes that you make. So developing your will power is clearly a useful thing to do.

How junk foods can overpower your will

But when it comes to choosing to eat healthy foods, you've already encountered the weak link in the will power approach. Something about that particular moment of choice is stronger than your will. Isn't that what it feels like? Almost as if you've been hijacked. As if the choice for the unhealthy food has been made behind your own back. How does this happen?

When you have a sudden strong desire for something that's right in front of you, it is like being hypnotized. You've heard of hypnotized people experiencing amnesia, 'forgetting' things that they know. This is what those deliciously attractive junk foods can do to you. They make you forget something very important - your future. In that moment, all you can think of is the satisfaction you will enjoy now. It's very hard to resist.

The good news is that you can deliberately use hypnosis to remember.

Hypnosis can help you naturally choose to eat healthy foods

My weight loss hypnosis sessions are created with you in mind.  Hypnosis is a tool for ensuring that your brain can no longer be hijacked by those tempting (but detrimental) goodies without your consent.

As you listen regularly and repeatedly to these audios, you'll find that you...

  • feel stronger and calmer in yourself
  • notice your will power developing like muscles trained in the gym
  • sense a growing determination to take proper care of yourself
  • keep your long term goals steadily in mind
  • occasionally 'have a treat' without losing control
  • readily and easily choose the healthier options for yourself

Start using hypnosis to lose weight and remember what really matters to you.

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