6 Eye Relaxation Exercises to Tame the Strain

The following eye relaxation exercises help to ease the tension and discomfort that often forms around and behind the eyes as a result of stress.

You are doing many positive things to reduce stress through these exercises!

A. Bringing mindfulness to where the tension lies in your body.

B. Using visualization.

C. Moving your eyes to ease tension.

Eye Relaxation Exercises: Quick Video Guide

1. Eye Relaxation Exercises:
Walk around the garden

1. Close your eyes.

2. Visualize a square-shaped garden with grass, flowers, and shrubs.

3. Start by focusing your eyes on the upper left corner of the garden.

4. Slowly move your eyes from the upper left corner to the upper right corner of the garden.

5. Pause and take a deep breath.

6. Slowly move your eyes from the upper right corner to the bottom right corner of the garden.

7. Pause and take a deep breath.

8. Slowly move your eyes from the bottom right to the bottom left corner of the garden.

9. Pause and take a deep breath.

10. Slowly move your eyes from the bottom left to the upper left corner of the garden.

11. Pause and take a deep breath.

12. You can repeat this sequence several times and then reverse the direction your eyes move around the garden.

13. Try moving your eyes diagonally across the garden, too.

2. Eye Relaxation Exercises:
Circling the bubble

1. Close your eyes.

2. Visualize a soap bubble in the air.

3. Move your eyes clockwise around the perimeter of the bubble.

4. Move your eyes counter-clockwise around the perimeter of the bubble.

5. Continue to alternately move your eyes clockwise and counter-clockwise.

3. Eye Relaxation Exercises:

This is one of my favorite relaxation techniques!

This technique only requires 30 seconds to 1 minute of your time.

  •     Sit up right
  •     Rub your hand together quickly to warm them
  •     Close your eyes and place your palms over them -  feel the warmth moving into your eyes.
  •     Make sure your eyes aren't touching your palms by placing them in the cups of your palms.
  •     Relax and imagine you are gazing into a dark space
  •     Remain that way for 30 seconds
  •     Slowly open your eyes and let your pupils adjust slowly to avoid sudden glare

This is a instant relief to get back to near point work quickly.

Do it frequently (every hour or so), especially with computer work.

4. Eye Relaxation Exercises:
The spa

This technique feels wonderful! Best of all, it is easy to do. All you need is a cloth (I prefer microfiber as it can absorb more water), hot water and a comfortable pillow.

  •     Fold your towel a few times until it creates a surface area large enough to cover your eyes and temples
  •     Pour the hot water onto the towel and try to make it evenly distributed
  •     Test the temperature with the back of your hand to make sure the water is warm but not too hot for your eyes.
  •     Lie down comfortably, close your eyes and place the warm towel over your eyes.
  •     Relax and breathe slowly. Visualize your eyes releasing any tension you may feel.
  •     Once the cloth cools down, squeeze out the water and repeat the steps.
  •     Continue the process for about 5 minutes.

Let me warn you though, this reduce eye strain technique is very addictive!

5. Eye Relaxation Exercises:

This method allows you to enjoy two benefits at one time: reduce eye strain and absorb vitamin D.

To avoid turning sunning into sun tanning,  practice this technique between 8 and10am.

Aaahhhh! Here comes the sun!

  •     Stand in the sun (Before 8am or after 4pm)
  •     Close your eyes and let sunlight shine on your closed eyelids
  •     Feel the warm on your eyes
  •     Rotate your head clockwise 
  •     Switch direction and rotate your head counterclockwise
  •     Keep doing this for 5 minutes.

Don’t wear your contact lenses during this sunning exercise.

6. Eye relaxation Exercises:
Eye breathing

Proper breathing techniques help to alleviate the tension in every part of our bodies,  including our eyes.

What’s more, our eyes need one-third as much oxygen as our hearts! So, knowing how to breathe is essential in maintaining good eye health.

  •     Sit comfortably in a chair with your back upright.
  •     Close your eyes and block your left nostril.
  •     Take a deep breath (4 counts).
  •     Hold for 2 counts and exhale slowly (6 counts).
  •     As you breathe in and out, imagine your right eye doing the same.
  •     Repeat 5 cycles.
  •     Swap nostrils and repeat another 5 cycles.
  •     Release both nostrils and repeat another 5 cycles.

This exercise helps to ground you and relax your mind, too.

If you feel dizzy, breathe normally for a while and do lesser counts. ~ some parts adapted via improveeyesighthq.com

Eye Relaxation Exercises:

1. Give your eyes a rest on a regular basis from your computer, the TV, and books.

2. Make sure you blink frequently.

3. Wear sunglasses on sunny days (and even when it's still generally bright on overcast days.)

4. Try to avoid squinting or otherwise straining to read. Get your vision checked regularly.

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