Familiarity Is Not Your Friend

Familiarity Is Not Your Friend: All too often, we depend on the comfort of familiarity. This is understandable because it’s usually the easiest road to travel - the ultimate path of least resistance. I’m guilty of having taken this path many times throughout my life.

Familiarity is not your friend because it keeps you from reaching your fullest potential. For many years I resigned myself to sticking with easier careers because I felt the need to take only those jobs where I could still perform duties despite having panic attacks. I limited myself. It was really a disservice.


I kept wearing my water wings and couldn’t get myself out of the shallow end of the pool.  I could work myself up to such an intense state of anxiety that I couldn’t get myself out of the house. Ultimately, I was prescribed medication in order to get a better handle on my life – no shame in this.  

It could be fear, anxiety, depression, or feeling as though you are undeserving of better things in life.  If you are struggling with this, I encourage you to seek help so that you can identify and overcome your perceived limitations – to stop taking the easy road. I decided to get a better handle on my OCD and Bipolar disorders. Doing so helped me to better face my other self-created obstacles.


Once you begin your new journey, there will be times when you feel anxious, perhaps terrified. I wanted to put those water wings back on stat and hightail it back to the shallow end - the “nest.” This is a natural part of the process. Don’t let it discourage you.


It’s best to break down your ultimate goal into manageable baby steps. It reduces the probability of becoming overwhelmed while also helping you build confidence in yourself to take that next baby step.


Set a timeline with definable milestones and keep track of your progress.


As with anything, there is risk involved when you decide to do that which is unfamiliar. But there is no reward (or the reward is severely limited) when you don’t take a risk. Think about all of the times when you held yourself back. How did it make you feel afterwards?


Familiarity is not your friend. Embrace the possibility of a new chapter in your life. Notice how I used the word possibility. It’s because the decision must be made by you.  


Here’s to swimming in the deep end. ~Ted


Familiarity Is not Your Friend: Think BIG with Hypnosis ~parts adapted via HypnosisDownloads.com

OK, here's the deal. If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. Do you know who said that?

Arguably, one of the biggest thinkers in American history, Henry Ford, father of the industrial assembly line.

He was a farm boy who made it really big, in national and international business - decades before computers and the internet. Intimidated already? Think you can't think as big as that?

Why not?

Two ways to stop yourself from thinking big

It's a funny thing, given that science has barely even begun to explore the real potential of the human mind, how easily we persuade ourselves of its limitations!

You've probably caught yourself thinking about some course of action - I could never do that! Or you've come up with a bright idea about something and then shelved it just because somebody said dismissively - You can't do that!

But how do you (or they) know?

Thinking big demands a step outside the comfort zone

It can feel scary to contemplate getting out of your comfort zone - the space in which you feel you know what you're doing and you're fully in control - and explore what it would be like if you were really to take a step up to a new level in your life. You don't know where it will lead. But everyone who's ever made a success of anything had to start by thinking big. And you can too.

How hypnosis can help you think big on a grand scale

Hypnosis will take you into that part of your mind which sets the hidden fundamental standards of your life. Even if you have been held back for years, hypnosis will help you discover and enlist the power to move those goalposts right to where you want them. 

Exploring your subconscious mind is such an exhilarating experience that, each time you listen, you'll just automatically find yourself taking another leap of understanding and confidence. Powerful hypnotic suggestions will trigger your subconscious mind into maximum creativity and dedicated commitment to your goals.

Familiarity Is Not Your Friend and More Ways to Live a Purposeful Life