The Main Reason You Feel Down All the Time

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Feeling down is no fun. It takes the joy out of life and makes you wonder why you’re even here. If life is suffering, what’s the point? 

For some people, feeling down seems like no fault of their own. They worked hard and did all the right things: life just dealt them a bad hand. 

But just because some circumstances work against you, it doesn’t mean that you need to feel down all the time. Changing your thinking can radically alter your perceptions and help to eliminate many of the negative emotions you’re experiencing. 

Your Expectations Are The Main Reason You Feel Down

When we grew up, our parents did whatever they could to ensure that the outside world treats us justly. We get a sense that life is fundamentally fair. If we work hard, they will reward us. If we do something wrong, they will punish us. If our sibling doesn’t share toys with us, they intervene to even the odds. 

As we grow up, though, and get out into the real world, we realize that this environment was fundamentally make-believe. The real world is full of situations that don’t work out how we would like. 

We go into adult life, believing that the universe should somehow conspire in our favor. People shouldn’t just break off relationships with us when we love them. Diseases shouldn’t come along and leave permanent scars on our bodies. And our bosses shouldn’t fire us because of downturns in the economy. 

Unfortunately, unemployment, heartbreak, and plagues are a part of life - as we’re all discovering right now. 

Many people, however, can’t reach the point where they accept the reality of being alive. They continue to believe that life should be fair, even though it isn’t. And they rage against it. 

It is this rage that then leads to bouts of depression and unhappiness. You reach the age of forty and look back on your life, wondering what you’ve done and achieved. You compare that to your expectations at twenty and soon realize that practically none of them worked out how you’d hoped. Things didn’t go well for you. 

A lot of people are now using telehealth services to discuss their problems with mental health professionals. Feeling down all the time is a common experience for many people, but it certainly isn’t how we should live our lives. Nor is it necessary. You don’t have to feel bad about your existence. You can feel good - it just requires that you rethink your expectations. 

Changing Your Expectations About Life

Changing your expectations about life is surprisingly easy. What it requires is a stoic attitude. You need to accept that existence necessarily implies suffering and harm. Nobody goes through life without problems. And even if they do, they still have to face death, like every other person who ever lived. 

The key is to realize that’s part of the price you pay for having the opportunity to exist. When you do that, you can find peace and positivity. 

The Main Reason You Feel Down and More Life Hacks