Feeling Guilty Because You Are Happy?

Have you ever found yourself feeling guilty because you are happy?  It seems strange, but it is possible.  We live in a world that seems to thrive on negativity and suffering. Some of us have been conditioned to believe that if we are to experience peace and happiness, we must first suffer. I’ve experienced this phenomenon.   

As a society, I also believe we have been conditioned for guilt, negativity, and struggle to the point where it’s become an addiction.  We have become crisis junkies. For some of us, we may look at happy people and ask: “What’s wrong with them?” Every brief moment of peace or happiness is met with a knee-jerk mean reversion (pun intended!) to the land of adrenaline-juiced negativity. It’s time to draw the line.

In order to deal with and overcome any problem or challenge, we must first acknowledge its existence. We can then formulate a plan to defeat our bad habits.

Feeling Guilty Because You Are Happy?
You Deserve To Be Happy

Begin by accepting with all of your heart that you deserve to be happy. Say it aloud: “I deserve to be happy!” You no longer have to pay an admission fee to enter the stadium of joy. Stop trying to justify your happiness. You owe neither an explanation nor apology.

Feeling Guilty Because You Are Happy?
Don't Allow Guilt To Keep You From Living A Full Life

You may also ask the following: “What is this guilt accomplishing?” 

Guilt keeps you stuck in the quagmire of sorrow. Guilt incarcerates.

It keeps you from moving on. It robs you of the full life you were intended to live.

Feeling Guilty Because You Are Happy?
Acknowledge Your Feelings Of Guilt

Feeling guilty because you are happy ends up hurting yourself and the ones you love. It’s toxic. Self-awareness is key. Acknowledge that you are experiencing this feeling of guilt and just observe this feeling, let it pass without judgement.  Do not engage this guilt.

If you need to make amends for mistakes, do so.  Seek guidance. Talk to a therapist, a pastor, or a close friend. It’s okay to ask for help. Until you make peace with your mistakes (and yourself), the cycle of destruction will continue.   

Feeling Guilty Because You Are Happy?
Destroy Guilt With Gratitude

You can also neutralize these feelings of guilt by expressing gratitude and giving back. Being appreciative for everything you have and having the desire to help others to feel the same level of appreciation is a way of spreading happiness. Gratitude unlocks happiness. So does generosity.

Be patient with yourself. You didn’t become like this overnight. Positive change is a process. Embrace this transition period!

Here’s to your happiness!

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