It's Time to Focus On Your Hearing 

Nowadays, the vast majority of us place a fair amount of focus on our overall health and well-being. We’ll head to the gym to get our 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week. We’ll eat healthy, balanced diets. We’ll look after our mental health. But there are still aspects of healthcare that many of us neglect. Our hearing is one of them.

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When it comes down to it, our hearing tends to be something that many of us take for granted. Few hearing people know sign language, because nobody assumes that they’ll experience hearing loss. But so many of us don’t look after our ears. We listen to music at high volumes, attend events with loud sounds and generally assume that we will be fine. Some of us actually suffer from hearing loss but just haven’t noticed, as it’s what we’re used to! It really is important to take care of your ears and hearing. So, here are a few pieces of information that can help you to achieve this!

Attending a Hearing Test

The first step that you need to take care of your hearing is to book in for a hearing test. You don’t need to do this regularly. But you do need to book in if you notice any changes in your hearing. During your test, a professional audiologist will test your hearing to determine if you are suffering from any hearing loss. If you are, they will be able to suggest hearing aids or other hearing aid accessories that can help you.

Being Fitted with Hearing Aids

If you do require hearing aids, you will need to select the right ones for your needs and preferences. We all know what traditional hearing aids look like - they’re quite large and chunky. But nowadays, there are more discreet models on the market. Your audiologist will be able to recommend the right models to suit your needs. You can then filter through your preferences. There are countless different brands, designs, and options out there. Once you’ve chosen the right hearing aids for you, your audiologist can order them. The amount of time that you will wait for them will depend on the type of hearing aid you have chosen. Custom fit hearing aids generally take longer to arrive than standard fit hearing aids, as they will be specially made to fit your ears.

The Programming Process

Once your hearing aids arrive, your audiologist will have to fit and program them. You will generally attend their office and your audiologist will program them while you’re there. Then, they’ll let you try them out and will carry out various different tests to ensure they’re working to the best standard possible. This is a pain free process that doesn’t take too long at all!

Sure, you might not have thought about your hearing all too much before. But it is important to keep an eye on it and seek professional help if you do experience any changes or problems!

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