Getting Back On Track: Reach Your Goals

Getting Back On Track: Have you lost all enthusiasm for life? Did your “get up and go” get up and leave? If so, you certainly aren’t alone! I’m in a bit of a rut after having received one more kick to the crotch from life. Sometimes I want to just stay down on the ground and let the Earth open up and swallow me.


I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. I’m resenting the fact that I have Bipolar and OCD. I’m tired of fighting (sometimes minute by minute) just to keep my head above water. In addition, my work isn’t going very well – adding even more to my depression.


There is a decision to make. Continue to stay stuck in this rut or engage the supercharged thruster and defeat this crappy state of mind. And yes, it’s a state of mind which can be changed for the better.


Fortunately, I don’t stay down for too long. I’ve been here before and emerged victorious. So can you.

There are ways you can get back on track and regain your enjoyment of life. Consider the following suggestions and feel free to add your own:


Realize that you are NOT stuck. You can take control of this situation and improve your state of mind.


Accept the fact that you are not alone in this challenge. Everyone takes hits in life and everyone experiences these feelings. You are not immune to these temporary occurrences.


Identify the cause. Is it self-doubt or unrealistic expectations? Perhaps you need to reexamine your definition of success.


Zoom out. Pretend you are someone else who is looking at your life. Give serious thought to the blessings you have - your talents, your relationships, family (this one may be a challenge!), having a place to live, food on the table, employment, your personal strengths – and your triumphs. You’ll probably come to the realization that things aren’t so bad.


Eat Chocolate. JUST KIDDING!


Get into a healthy routine. Healthy body = healthy mind. Start eating a healthier diet and get moving. Exercise will boost your Serotonin levels. Serotonin instills a sense of calm, happiness, and confidence.


Surround yourself with positive people. It’s easy to seek out those with whom you can share the misery. Avoid this temptation and find people who are upbeat. You can learn from them and strengthen your “emotional fortress.”


Avoid self-medicating. We all want a quick fix for feeling “happy,” reducing anxiety, or perhaps feeling nothing at all. Unfortunately, many people turn to drugs and alcohol for the quick fix. Seek help and nip this in the bud.


Retrain the brain. Consider hypnotherapy to help you get a handle on stress, anxiety, alcohol, drug abuse and many other life challenges. Melissa is a certified expert in this practice, so please consider her offerings!


Seek help. If you find yourself stuck for a significant period of time (only you can determine this), seek the help of a professional therapist to get you back on track.


I know from personal experience that it can be difficult to pick yourself and dust yourself off. But it beats the alternative. As I stated earlier, I’ve been here before and I know I can get through this.


Following these suggestions can help you get there.


I promise to follow them if you do!


Here’s to getting back on track. ~Ted


Getting Back on Track: How Hypnosis Can Help ~parts adapted via

If you're like me, you have any number of abandoned plans strewn behind you. Plans that might include such laudable goals as getting fit. Or eating healthily. Or finishing that DIY project. Or learning a language. Or whatever it might be.

It can be disheartening to look back and see how many schemes you started - and didn't finish.

But what is the trick to getting a plan back on track? Is it just a matter of will power?

The best laid plans can go off track

Getting "off track" always seems to happen in the same way. Things generally start off fine. You get this good idea, you decide to put it into action, you make a plan and - full of enthusiasm - you get going. At first, things go well. You get a lot of satisfaction out of the progress you make. You even start looking forward to the celebration you will have when you reach your goal. Then something takes your plan off track.

Small things can derail a plan

And what is that something? Disconcertingly, it can be something very small. We're not talking major obstacles here. It can be something as small as waking up with a sore throat and just not feeling like it. It can be something as small as am off-handed negative remark from another person - perhaps not even an intentional one. It can be something as small as a little spirit of rebellion which shouts "Won't!"

So you don't.

What happens when you're "off the rails"

And then, once you are off track, it's as if your plan or scheme turns into some kind of bogeyman. Huge and threatening and impossible to overpower. It suddenly seems as if pursuing that particular plan will require such a vast amount of energy and time, there is almost no way you can justify it. After all, you have a life to lead. You have other things demanding your attention. So you let it lie.

Repeating patterns make getting back on track harder

A bit further down the line, you might be troubled by some regrets. "Why didn't I…?" "What would life be like if I had…?" You might even enthusiastically take up a totally new plan in order to quash those feelings - only to find the same pattern repeating itself. After a while you might conclude that you're not much good at accomplishing things and beat yourself up in secret over it.

Powerful ways of getting back on track

At this stage, it can be tempting to just throw in the towel and give up making plans. But there is a way to get yourself back on track. If you're prepared to learn a new way to make plans, that is. If you've always gone about making plans in the same way, the thought of adopting a new approach can seem daunting. But if you make use of powerful learning tools like hypnosis, you can instigate change almost effortlessly. Getting back on track has never been easier.

Using hypnosis helps you with getting back on track and planning more effectively

Hypnosis gives you a new way of understanding and modifying your own plan making process to make it more effective and instill a whole new set of behavior patterns.

Hypnosis works by taking you into an optimum learning state - that is, a mental state in which it is easy for you to make beneficial changes in your own life patterns. Hypnosis will not tell you what to do. Instead, it will help you create a new paradigm for deciding what to do for yourself.

Regular listening to hypnosis audios will help you embed effective planning processes so deeply that you will wonder how you ever did it any other way:)

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