Healing with Hypnosis in All Areas of Your Life

Healing with hypnosis can easily fit into a modern-day lifestyle and help you, both emotionally and physically. Hypnosis can be used effectively in business pursuits and also in personal areas of your life where you may experience fears and phobias.

Healing with Hypnosis:
Some of the many benefits

·          A sense of well-being from the increase in serotonin levels.

·      Positive thoughts and affirmations flood the mind.

·      Elimination of toxic, excess adrenaline.

·      Increased blood flow to the brain, resulting in many benefits, such as improved ability to concentrate, remember   and think clearly.

·      Opening of your mind to new experiences and thought processes.

·      Increased endorphin levels (hormones that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Also know as: Free Drugs:))

What could you achieve if you were able to bring the above benefits into your daily lifestyle? It’s what many try to achieve with drugs that could be harmful. Self-hypnosis has the same results, with virtually no side effects.


It’s been proven that only 20 minutes of self-hypnosis can have the same results as four hours of sleep, which may result in sleeping less, but feeling better and accomplishing more.


You can find out more about self-hypnosis, all its benefits, and how to write your own scripts at Know-Stress-Zone. Open your mind to the wonders that await you when you practice healing with hypnosis.

Healing with Hypnosis:
Understand your motivation

Understanding your motivation is an important part of successful communication and negotiation with your habitual (or unconscious) mind.

Side note: I prefer the term “habitual” rather than ”unconscious.” I think “unconscious” conjures up an image of being out cold with no awareness of what’s going on, something we have no control over. “Habitual,” on the other hand, has a connotation of something that’s been programmed to be on autopilot. The good news is that we can reprogram the course by healing with hypnosis!

You will get what you rehearse in life, not necessarily what you intend. Self-hypnosis is by far the best method for motivating yourself, through the activation of the habitual mind, to effortlessly make the positive changes you desire.

You can think of your habitual mind as your internal guide system. It is rarely influenced by idle talk, but it is always paying attention to the hidden meaning in communication and will only take action and change its direction if properly motivated.

Healing with Hypnosis:
2 cues

There are a couple of types of cues you need to recognize in order to activate your habitual mind. Once you close your eyes and relax, bring into your mind a specific goal. As an example, you might say to yourself, "I want to weigh 132 pounds."

1) Behavioral Cues. What are the specific behaviors you will need to see changed to be convinced? Examples of behavioral cues for being naturally thin include: Drinking eight glasses of water a day, leaving food on your plate, shopping for healthier foods, or no desire for food between meals.

2) Intellectual Cues. What type of knowledge must you have to be convinced of the change? Education you might get from reading health books or attending classes would fit into this category.

Healing with Hypnosis:
Easy self-hypnosis

1 - You start by putting yourself into a relaxed state.

2 - You tell yourself (aloud or in your head) the relaxing messages that are helpful to you. Visualize how you feel or what your goal may look like.

You can place yourself in a relaxed state in various ways, such as progressive muscle relaxation and diaphragmatic breathing.

Here is a really simple self-hypnosis technique for you to try today!

  • 1. Before getting started, reduce distractions. Turn off the TV, phone, etc.


  • 2. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.


  • 3. Close your eyes.


  • 4. Take a deep breath in.


  • 5. Exhale slowly and say "25" in your head.


  • 6. Take another deep breath in.


  • 7. Exhale slowly and say "24" in your head.


  • 8. Continue this breathing pattern as you count backward from 25 to 0.


  • 9. When you reach 0, tell yourself a calming message and visualize your goal.


  • "I feel a wave of relaxation go through my body. I feel relaxed from my head to my toes. I am in control of my relaxation and can call upon it at any time. I feel relaxed especially during work meetings. " Imagine how this feels. Visualize your body relaxing. Maybe you’re picturing at the meeting feeling in control and relaxed.

Repeat this message (or mantra) a couple of times.

  • 10. Take a deep breath in.


  • 11. Exhale slowly and say "0" in your head.


  • 12. Take another deep breath in.


  • 13. Exhale slowly and say "1" in your head.


14. Continue this breathing pattern as you count from 0 to 25.
The process for how to do self-hypnosis is all about programming your mind with positive messages. As with any thought process that gets deeply ingrained in the brain, it doesn't happen with a one-shot deal, although you will feel a difference after trying this once. Practice makes perfect! Practice self-hypnosis for 30 days, and you'll experience a big difference in your life!