How Passion Works: Live Your Purpose

How Passion Works: A recent study has discovered 88% of people are unhappy in their job. The other 12% experience joy and passion for what they do. 

 For years, I pursued low paying jobs because I believed they were the only jobs I could still function at despite my depression and panic attacks. Now there’s a recipe for passion at work!

There were countless times when I woke up preferring to attend a physics class instead of going to my job. I needed to really examine my life and determine what made me tick.

I had this gnawing feeling that I could do so much more.   Are you in this 88%?   If so, you’re not alone. A lack of passion can make an 8 hour work day feel like 16 hours. A lack of enthusiasm casts a terrible shadow on your days. Resentment follows and your productivity suffers. Your chances for success dwindle away.   I don’t believe passion is created. I feel it already exists within each and every human being – an untapped resource. It’s just a matter of discovering it. You have to be willing to turn inward and ask yourself what inspires you – creativity, accomplishment, self-validation, fulfillment?

Passionate People Can’t wait to start their day

You can’t help but be intrigued by the things you’re passionate about. Instead of waking up and dreading the dawn, you can’t wait to start your day.  

Passionate People Focus

Focus equals better quality work and increased productivity.


Passionate People Experience Less Stress

Passionate people rarely stress about doing what they love. They are so focused on the joy of their work that there is less room for stress. Enough said.  

Passionate People are Creative

When you love what you do, you are more willing to “push the envelope” and hone your skills. This interest in your work makes you more knowledgeable and leads to more creativity.


Passionate People are more likely to be promoted

When you’re passionate, you’re going to be more interested in the details and will push more to "get it right." Being passionate leads to better quality work, which is, in turn, noticed by those around you. People who hate their job (easy to spot) are typically not promoted.  

Passionate people are fulfilled in their work

They view their profession as a calling instead of a job. They are not caught up in pursuing the next “shiny object.”   I encourage you to take some time and turn inward. Use this time to really think about what you love in life – your interests and motivations. If you are unable to change professions at this time, consider working a side job in the field that inspires you.     I did this and I can’t thank myself enough. I am experiencing peace and personal fulfillment as a result. You can, too! ~Ted

How Passion Works: 9 Tips for Living a Fulfilling Life ~parts adapted via

1. How passion works: Is There Something You Already Love Doing?

Do you have a hobby or something you loved doing as a child, but never considered it as a possibility for a job?

Whether it’s reading comic books, collecting something, or creating or building, there is probably a way you could do it for a living. Open a comic book shop, or create a comic book site online.

If there’s already something you love doing, you’re ahead of the game. Now you just need to research the possibilities of making money from it.

2. How passion works: Find out What You Spend Hours Reading About

For myself, when I get passionate about something, I’ll read about it for hours on end. I’ll buy books and magazines. I’ll spend days on the Internet finding out more.

There may be a few possibilities here for you, and all of them are possible career paths. Don’t close your mind to these topics. Look into them until you feel your heart is content, and this will help you get started as you learn how to find your passion.

3. How passion works: Brainstorm

If nothing comes to mind right away as you’re asking how to find my passion, get out a sheet of paper and start writing down ideas. This doesn’t need to be an organized list. It can simply be a paper full of random notes or even doodles. All of this will eventually come in handy later. Look around your house, on your computer, or on your bookshelf for inspiration, and write down whatever comes to mind. There are no bad ideas at this stage.

4. How passion works: Ask Around

There are likely people you admire in life, and there are things about them that you would like to replicate in yourself. Go to them if possible, and pick their brain. See how they landed where they currently are and whether they feel they’ve discovered their passion.

The more possibilities you find, the more likely your chances of learning how to find your passion in the long run. This may mean that you spend time talking to friends and family, coworkers, or even acquaintances in your free time.

5. How passion works: Don’t Quit Your Job Just Yet

If you find your calling, your passion, don’t just turn in your resignation tomorrow. It’s best to stay in your job while you’re researching the possibilities.

If you can do your passion as a side job and build up the income for a few months or a year, that’s even better. It gives you a chance to build up some savings (and if you’re going into business for yourself, you’ll need that cash reserve), while practicing the skills you need.

6. How passion works: Give It a Try First

It’s best to actually test your new idea before jumping into it as a career as you’re wondering how to find your passion. Do it as a hobby or side job at first, so that you can see if it’s really your true calling.

You may be passionate about it for a few days, but where the rubber meets the road is whether you’re passionate about it for at least a few months.

If you pass this test, you have probably found it.

7. How passion works: Do as Much Research as Possible

Know as much about your passion as possible. If this has been a passion for a while, you may have already been doing this. At any rate, do even more research. Read every website possible on the topic, and buy the best books available.

Find other people, either in your area or on the Internet, who do what you want to do for a living, and quiz them about the profession.

How much do they make, and what training and education did they need? What skills are necessary, and how did they get their start? What recommendations do they have?

Often, you’ll find that people are more than willing to give advice.

8. How passion works: Practice, and Practice, and Practice Some More

If you’re getting close to learning how to find your passion, don’t go into it with amateur skill level. If you want to make money— to be a professional — you need to have professional skills.

Get very good at your future career, and you will make money at it. Practice for hours on end and learn how to focus; if it’s something you love, the practice should be something you want to do.

9. How passion works: Never Quit Trying

It’s possible that you won’t be able to find your passion at first. However, if you give up after a few days, you’re sure to fail. Keep trying, for months on end if necessary, and you’ll find it eventually.

Perhaps you thought you found your passion but discovered several months on that it wasn’t for you. Start over again and find a new passion. There may be more than one passion in your lifetime, so explore all the possibilities.

Have you found your passion but haven’t been successful making a living at it? Keep trying, and try again until you succeed. Success doesn’t come easy, so giving up early is a sure way to fail.

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How Passion Works and More Ways to Live a Purposeful Life