How to Be an Inspirational Leader

If you’ve ever wondered how to be an inspirational leader, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you aspire to be an inspiration to a congregation, a business, or your kids, there are some common practices that inspirational leaders adhere to no matter who or what they want to inspire.

How to Be an Inspirational Leader:
Inspiration Defined

Before we go any further, I will apply the following definition – Inspiration: the process/action of being intellectually and/or emotionally stimulated to do or feel something (usually creative or beyond one’s daily scope of action or expectation). 

It isn’t free coffee and donuts in the break room, it isn’t a paycheck or a performance bonus (do bonuses even exist anymore?) that will inspire anyone to come to work. 

These are just reasons to go to work. We need money to pay for the basics: food, shelter, and clothing.

How to Be an Inspirational Leader:
The Accelerant For Excellence 

Inspiration is that pleasant inner motivation which encourages you to excel and set new benchmarks in your profession or personal life. Inspiration usually comes from an external example: another human being whose story of personal struggle and triumph provided the emotional accelerant for your improvement. 

How to Be an Inspirational Leader:
An Emotion That Becomes A Mission...

Inspiration is twofold. It reveals itself first as an unexpected gift which then morphs into a personal mission to evolve into your highest form. It’s a passive gift which becomes an active mission, spreading its gift with infinite potential. Yes, one can actively seek inspiration, but for me personally, I prefer inspiration that presents itself unexpectedly. 

How to Be an Inspirational Leader:
Look Around, They Exist Everywhere

An inspirational leader removes physical and mental barriers – they introduce us to a higher realm. Inspirational leadership is not limited to business leaders or heads of state ...

That junior high school student who stood up to bullies and kept her friend from being attacked, the 10 year old boy who faced off with a dog - sustaining injuries to protect his sister, the parents willing to work 3 jobs to feed their children. These are just a few examples of how to be an inspirational leader. 

How to Be an Inspirational Leader:
Inspirational Leaders Feel The Pain

Some qualities of inspirational leadership:

·       Persistence Inspirational leaders never quit. There is no “giving up.” They live by these words: “How do we accomplish this task?” They always move forward despite the mountain they face. As Nobel laureate, Archbishop Desmond Tutu said: “There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.”

·       They “bleed with the troops” – An inspirational leader is willing to endure headwinds along with their employees. Actually, an inspirational leader doesn’t use the term employee – they refer to them as coworkers or teammates. 

They take pay cuts or suspend their salary in order to save jobs when the company is facing a slowdown. They are humble. They are willing to withstand prolonged periods of pain.

·       They don’t tell stories. They ARE the Story  Inspirational leaders don’t rely on story telling to convey their message or motivate others. Their actions tell their story, mobilizing thought, creativity, and action.

·       Communicate a Vision – They reveal possibilities you never thought existed. Coworkers may not become inspired about a plan for your company that’s going to make the executives lots of money – but they will become inspired when you can communicate a vision of what it will do for them.

·       Honesty – No matter what the challenge, an inspirational leader will face it with honesty. If you’ve made a mistake that’s affecting your business or your family, you should be honest and forthright – and have a plan to overcome any adversity.

They raise the bar – most people are going to work and doing their job, meeting the minimum requirements, and working within acceptable parameters in order to keep their job. But an inspirational leader will encourage you to strive for excellence. They will instill in you an insatiable desire to exceed expectations, develop new concepts and make them reality. Thinking outside the box no longer matters because they help you realize there is no box. 

How to Be an Inspirational Leader:
It's Up To You ...

Now you know the steps on how to be an inspirational leader. It’s up to you to learn them and put them into action. Doing so will create new positive forces in the universe which will grow exponentially. You never know whose life you will impact. Every person with whom you come into contact is an opportunity to inspire.

To your leadership … ~ Ted Stefanski

You are what you feed yourself. I'm talking about both the body and mind. Having a negative outlook stems from not being fully confident in yourself. In order to find the positive in your life, start with what's amazing about yourself. Practice these strategies daily to boost your courage so you can remind yourself how to be an inspirational leader. Get in the habit of regular self-care and stick to it. This will help you change your outlook towards whatever situation presents itself. Baby steps!

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How to Be an Inspirational Leader and More Self-Esteem Goodness