How To Develop Courage 

How to develop courage? Most of us have no clue where to begin. Courage is moving forward in the face of fear, pain, or grief. If a lack of courage has weighed on you and kept you from living a full life, take comfort in knowing that you can address and improve upon this shortcoming. 

I tell people that I’m afraid of only two things in this world: My wife and my mother. But of course, I have my own challenges when it comes to facing other fears which will inevitably present themselves throughout my life. None of us are immune to this fact.     

How to Develop Courage:
Courage With A Dose Of Determination

In your personal and business life, every decision you make, every action you take, speaks to your level of courage. These decisions are monumental and also require determination. 

Passing up that cocktail with friends because you struggle with alcohol abuse, speaking your mind and taking positive action when witnessing an injustice, choosing to remain calm and formulating a solution when tempers are flaring are displays of courage.

For me and my wife, Melissa Stefanski (founder/creator of this website), the decision to move seven states away from family and friends to follow our dream was a major decision that took great courage – and emotional management. We also gave up the stability of nine to five jobs to start our own businesses - enduring the subsequent emotional roller coaster which required a boarding ticket fully paid for with our stomach linings - barf bags sold separately. I still keep a good therapist on retainer! Melissa actually has me beat. She originally moved from Canada and lived in a motel for six months to start a new life in the United States – inspiration defined.

How to Develop Courage:
Your Courage Is Your Launch Pad

Courage promotes confidence and self-esteem. It builds a framework and launch pad from which anything can be accomplished. Think of the genius, Dr. Stephen Hawking, and how much he overcame to become one of the leading scientists and writers of our time. It must have taken a tremendous amount of courage for Dr. Hawking to work through his physical disabilities and maintain passion for his work.

How to Develop Courage:
A Few More Examples

Other examples of great courage are Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., leader of the American civil rights movement, and King George VI of England who overcame a speech impediment to give one of the greatest speeches at a time when the world needed it most.

How to Develop Courage:
I'll Tell You A Secret ...

Here’s the good news: all of us already have some degree of courage, it’s just a matter of building on that foundation. Think about a situation in your life where you chose to carry on despite being scared, sad, or in pain. I have no doubt you’ve done this.

Howto Develop courage:
But First ...

Before you do anything else,

acknowledge that you already have courage.

Now follow these steps to further develop courage:

1.     Create a positive environment – Surround yourself with people who are positive and who believe in you. Building skills and talents requires the support of those who will bolster your self-confidence and increase your self-worth.

2.     Employ positive self-talk – What you say to yourself matters. If you constantly put yourself down, you are programming your mind to fail. Change the message. I’m a big fan of Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s book: What To Say When You Talk to Your Self.

3.     Get out of your comfort zone – As the saying goes: “You only grow as big as your fishbowl.”  You’ll never develop courage if you’re comfortable. Each day, find something challenging and outside of what you normally do and try it. When you embrace difficult situations, you learn to cope.

4.     Flip the script on “What ifs” – Instead of saying: What if I make a mistake? Change it by asking: What if I succeed and this opens up a whole new world for me? If you are going to play the What If game, play it to your advantage!

5.     Keep a realistic perspective – ask yourself: What’s the worst thing that will happen? If physical harm or death are possibilities, I encourage you NOT to do it. But realistically, if you try a new career or enroll in a training program that doesn’t work out, you will have acquired additional knowledge and skills that can be applied to a career that is more fulfilling. More importantly, you can be proud of the fact that you added another layer of courage to your resume.

How to develop Courage:
It's Your Life To Build

Build your life. You develop courage every time you embrace a challenge. Courage is both a gift and a tool which will increase your “mental and career investment returns,” spurring you on to bigger and better things. When faced, challenges can be shaped into a useful piece of granite for building the masterpiece known as Your Life. Your mind is the chisel, the positive message and decision to act. Your action is the hammer.

The decision is yours. Will you take the next step?

 - Ted Stefanski

You are what you feed yourself. I'm talking about both the body and mind. Having a negative outlook stems from not being fully confident in yourself. In order to find the positive in your life, start with what's amazing about yourself. Practice these strategies daily to boost your courage so you can remind yourself how to develop courage. Get in the habit of regular self-care and stick to it. This will help you change your outlook towards whatever situation presents itself. Baby steps!

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How to Develop Courage and More Self-Esteem Goodness