How to Stay Motivated The “Write” Way!

How to stay motivated: Think back to the last time you had a surge of motivation. Try to remember how it made you feel. Do you wish you could bottle that feeling? What was going through your mind then? If you can’t remember, do not fret. You can be ready for it when it happens again by keeping a pen and journal at the ready.

Journaling will help you record thoughts, feelings, and occurrences that helped you feel motivated.  This is a gift that keeps on giving because you can refer back to the journal to motivate or keep yourself motivated. Like a good friend, it will always be there when you need it!

How to Stay Motivated When You're Not Motivated:

Not feeling very motivated? That’s okay, you can still record positive affirmations in your journal. Doing so is a great exercise because it is training your brain to override your current negative mindset.

It also provides the added benefit of adding more juice to flame the motivational fire. 

Positive affirmations are shown to be quite effective in helping people take action, a critical component to changing one’s life.

I encourage you to keep an actual paper journal rather than recording online (don’t be angry at me!) Documents tend to get lost in the land of electronic files, especially when you shut down the computer. A physical journal in front of you says “Here I am! There’s work to be done!” This way, when you need that push, you can simply open up the journal and start reading. Additionally, the act of handwriting in and of itself is a therapeutic experience. It allows you to convert your thoughts into a tangible archive.

Feel free to record motivational tips from others into your journal. Doing so adds more positive material to draw from when you have a need to stay motivated. Life happens - these tips can happen in the strangest places, so make sure you have a way of recording them even if you don’t have your journal with you. A small notepad will suffice. You can even record your thoughts onto your smartphone (don’t forget to write them in your physical journal later!)

How to Stay Motivated:
Write Your Book On How To Stay Motivated  . . .

An added benefit to keeping a journal about how to stay motivated is you could eventually turn it into a book and sell it. Self-help and motivation is a huge topic for both eBooks and courses. 

There is no shortage of demand - people will buy multiple books on the subject, even if there are similar concepts covered from one to the next. 

People treat repeat information as a reinforcing factor. Also, the fact that you are drawing from your actual experience will go a long way when producing your book. People love true stories about motivation!

Don’t worry about what you write in your journal. The key is to keep consistent with it. If you write something that doesn’t make sense or is silly, either disregard it or remove it from your journal. How to stay motivated the “write” way – keep a journal!

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