Instant Hypnosis: Change Your Mind to Change Your Life!

Instant hypnosis is a powerful tool in combating feelings of guilt after chowing down on a Super-Sized Bacon Buster lunch.

What about the cigarette for dessert. Yummy, right?

And what about all those pills you are popping to deal with chronic pain?

I know your struggle.

Instant Hypnosis:
Oh, the guilt!

You feel lousy after giving in to bad habits...

    •    When you try to eat healthy or to lose weight it seems there is zero payoff in starvation.
    •    Perhaps you got lucky and managed to lose weight, but it's a constant battle to keep it off.
    •    Maybe smoking is your ball-and-chain, but the patches didn't work out. A waste of money.
    •    Your attempts to quit cold turkey were futile.
    •    Or maybe you suffer from chronic pain, but you worry about getting hooked on pain pills.

Instant Hypnosis:
You want to live healthier but…

    •    You can't control impulsive eating.
    •    The day begins with a cigarette and you wonder if your kids are smoking yet.
    •    Your medicine cabinet is filled with over-the-counter and prescription drugs to numb the pain caused from injury or disease.
    •    The pain stops for a few hours, but then it's time to pop another pill. Isn't there something besides drugs to help live life without constant pain?

There is a solution...

>> It's not a pill, vapor, tonic or magic stone.
>> No surgery required.
>> It's a method used by high performers in business, science, entertainment, and fitness.

Instant Hypnosis:
There is a solution

That's right. You already have the ability to change, but there's an internal "taskmaster" giving you bad instructions.

If you can give me just a few more seconds, I can explain how you re-train this "taskmaster" and make dramatic changes in your life. Okay? Just read on.

Instant Hypnosis:
It only takes minutes to connect with your power..

The secret is connecting with the true master of your good and bad behavior - Your Subconscious!

The method is self-hypnosis. You can do this in the privacy of your home or office. All you need is about 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted privacy and a hypnosis recording targeted to the change you want to make.

Self-hypnosis is the gatekeeper who unlocks the door to your internal success mechanism.

Self-hypnosis is the healing and growth process used by Dr. Joe Vitale and John Assaraf (The Secret), Tiger Woods and Wayne Gretzky (pro athletes), Jack Nicklaus, Matt Damon, and Sylvester Stallone (celebrities) to name just a few people.

The strategy behind the success of self-hypnosis is how you put your conscious thinking to rest while you discuss the changes you want to make with your subconscious. Instead of resorting to will-power which fails, you leverage your subconscious thinking to change how you react to a situation. Plus, you feel absolutely rested after a short session.

Who wouldn’t prefer to finally break the tobacco chain, or lose weight, or to get a good night's sleep because your pain has subsided (or vanished)?!

Right now, what is stopping you making a commitment to achieving permanent and positive changes to your life?

Let me don't know where to begin.

That's not unusual and easy enough to resolve.

The first step to getting back into those skinny jeans, or overcoming dependence on nicotine of pain drugs is to ...

Understand the Science Behind How Self-Hypnosis Works!

This mini course provides key insights to how your subconscious is the real "success coach" in your life.

In order to make dramatic changes you must give instructions to your coach so it can guide you down the right path. You subconscious needs these instructions to override bad decisions and lapses in willpower your conscious mind allows to happen.

Of course, you don't want to go blindly into any new self-improvement program and this is no different. Arm yourself with knowledge because knowledge is the first stage to creating a powerful new you.

Instant Hypnosis Topics include...

    ◦    How hypnosis transformed from ancient practices to an accepted therapy in modern medicine
    ◦    Who can't be hypnotized - is it you?
    ◦    Physicians and therapists use hypnosis to heal physical ailments (pain, insomnia, IBS, depression, stress, anxiety, addictive patterns, obesity, and  more)
    ◦    Behaviorists use hypnosis to help addicts and people with severe emotional problems
    ◦    The process to stopping bad habits like smoking, nail biting, bad choices, ...
    ◦    The most powerful prescription to changing behavior
    ◦    How to get started with self-hypnosis at home
    ◦    and so much more ...

People all around are us suffering from obesity, bad habits like smoking or obsessive eating, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and depression - the list goes on, and on. Anyone can reverse the trend and turn their lives around simply by adding a few minutes of self-hypnosis to their lifestyle.

Right now, picture yourself pulling on you "skinny jeans" because you've lost so much weight and even started exercising daily. You save the money formerly burnt up on cigarettes - and that's literally thousands of dollars every year! If your suffered from pain, now you can enjoy a full night of rejuvenating sleep. Turn on that big smile when people ask you how you did it. Go ahead and tell them your secret ...

You don't have to continue down a path of misery. Instant hypnosis can change your mind and change your life!