Top 3 Simple Ways to Keep Warm During the Cold Winter Months

As you get into winter’s chilliest months, keeping warm becomes a basic need. You may opt to use a heater, but you may end up spending too much on the household energy bill.

Even though you are afraid that your next heating bill may be more than you can spend, you need to take measures to ensure that you do not freeze in the cold winter months.

Here are some tips you can use to fight the cold weather and keep warm without having to spend too much on your energy bill.

Dress Up to Keep Warm

When living in a cold environment, it is a general rule to dress up and insulate yourself from the cold. Dressing up in layers is beneficial, as you can add on more layers if the weather gets colder or reduce them when you feel warmer to avoid sweating.

Consider using synthetic fabric as it can provide insulation even when wet. You may also wear fabric made of wool as it provides adequate insulation and is odor resistant. It is also very durable.

Silk is best for locations that are not too cold, as it can wick moisture moderately. However, it keeps odor and is not as durable as wool. Avoid dressing in clothes made of cotton. They absorb water, increasing the risk of hypothermia.

You should wear four layers of clothing to keep warm. The first should be a long underwear made of non-absorbent material. It should fit on your skin but should not be tight. Its purpose is to wick away sweat from your skin to keep you dry.

The second layer of clothing should absorb moisture from the inner layer and release it to the outside through evaporation. It mainly consists of the trousers and shirt you may be wearing. You can either use synthetics or wool.

The third layer should be thick enough to keep you warm. The last layer is the most important as it reduces the effects of the wind on a cold winter. It also increases warmth when the air is still.

Eat Nutritious Foods to Keep Warm

The food you eat has an impact on your body temperature. As you get into winter, prepare meals that can help raise your body temperature. The best meals are those that take longer to digest.

When you eat them, they undergo a process called thermogenesis where they metabolize and produce heat. Look out for foods that are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Some examples of foods that can keep you warm in winter include:

  • Nuts: They speed up your metabolism, increasing your body temperature.
  • Root vegetables: Since they require plenty of energy to digest, they end up producing heat that can warm up your body.
  • Fruits: Eat fruits that have plenty of fiber. It takes time for the stomach to digest, producing heat that can keep you warm.
  • Drink Iced Coffee: Iced coffee has plenty of caffeine that stimulates the release of fatty acids in the body leading to an increase in metabolism which increases your body temperature.
  • Lean Meat: Red meat from beef, lamb, and pork is rich in iron, an important mineral that helps transport oxygen in the body. Lack of enough iron can cause your hands and feet to become cold and tire easily. There are plenty of carnivore diet recipes that can help keep you warm during winter.

Seal any Leaks in Your Home

Air leaks can leave your home chilly during winter. Heat escapes through the spaces, and cold air replaces it. You can seal the air leaks by creating a barrier at all the openings to minimize the movement of air.

Install draft stoppers underneath the door as a temporary solution to preventing cold air from blasting through. For a more permanent solution, install a door sweep.

Inspect your outlets and ensure there are no spaces through which cold air may get into the house. Install switch inserts that can insulate the cold electrical box and the warm room.

If you own a basement, insulate the joist ends to prevent cold air from seeping inside. Insulating the attic also helps to keep more heat in your home.

Summing Up

The highest utility cost you may have to settle during winter is heating. To avoid spending too much, explore creative ways you can stay warm without having to use the heater.

Try eating foods for your gut that can increase your body temperature, insulate your home to reduce heat loss, and dress up to stay warm. Get yourself some cozy gifts that can raise your body temperature and keep you warm while helping you save money in the long run.

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