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Heart Healer Attunement

Discover your "Healer Type" with Jennifer McClean.

New Energy, New You

Join this revolutionary New You, New Energy event. Receive the complimentary Bliss Bath 3.0 mp3.  

Unlock Your Feminine Power

Students will discover the proven, step-by-step process for creating extraordinary results in the 8 key areas of life: health, influence, calling, confidence, love, prosperity, creativity, and spirituality.

Practice of Direct Awakening

Gain Direct Access to Your Inner Wellspring of “Supercapacities.” Instead of spending decades doing indirect practices to try to develop all these abilities, you can literally practice tapping directly into the source of all these capacities every single day.

True Prosperity

Students will discover how to embrace money as a source of freedom, confidence, and security that enables them to prioritize their greatest passions, become their best selves, and give back to the world in meaningful ways.

The Love Codes

Specifically geared toward smart, conscious women who have struggled to find their true match, Claire and Arielle walk students through the exact process they’ve both personally used to create deep, lasting love they never believed possible.

Unlock Your Quantum Powers

Students will discover the process for unlocking their Quantum Powers to attract the right resources, people, and opportunities, and to become more powerful, energized, and aligned with a higher purpose.

Integral Enlightenment

Students will discover exactly how to turn any moment into one of awakening, empowering them to become conscious participants in fulfilling the highest promise of humanity’s potential.

Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

This course awakens students to dimensions of themselves they never knew existed, enabling them to activate their multiple intelligences and unique gifts to share with the world.

Activating Your Soul's Code

Students will engage in the simple but powerful 3-step process for discovering their soul’s agenda in order to live with greater purpose, joy, and aliveness.

Manifesting with Numbers

Magic lives inside you – an innate superpower that allows you to manifest your wildest dreams on command. All you need to do is awaken it

Law of Attraction Masterclass

Forget the hype about asking "The Universe" for what you want. Embrace science and harness the power of your thoughts, feelings, and action to achieve your goals.

Natalie Ledwell Masterclass

Join Mind Movies founder and best-selling author, Natalie Ledwell, on this free online Masterclass as they share how to reprogram your mind for ultimate productivity, growth, success, and wellbeing.

Intro to Hypnosis (Learn in 5 Days) 

If you want to learn hypnosis online, this short course describing the use of voice tonality, sentence structures and word choice can teach you the fundamentals of how to do hypnosis fairly quickly.