The Power of Creative Thought

The Power of Creative Thought: We are the only creature on this planet that thinks, plans and takes action based upon those thoughts and plans. Of course, some animals are capable of problem solving. Rats and mice can be taught to run a maze or perform simple actions. Dogs intuitively react to our voices, gestures and facial expressions. They can use this intuition to perform more complex actions. Apes can learn how to draw simple pictures, as well as to recognize words and use them to communicate simple concepts. The human, however, is the only creature that actually uses the power of thought to change the world.

The Power of Creative Thought

The power of thought rests upon two different aspects of intelligence. On the one hand there is analytical, logical thinking. Analytical thought systematically solves problems through analysis and logic. It uses learned and proven principles to get to a result. It can be thought of as linear thinking.

Creative thought is the other aspect of human intelligence. Creative thought is not concerned with analysis and logic. It seeks a result, but is completely unconcerned with process and principles.

Instead, it relies on juxtaposition, viewpoint and connection to solve a problem. It seeks to see the world from a new and different angle and to challenge the norm. It can be thought of as non-linear thinking.

The power of creative thought is enormous. It has, literally moved mountains. It has brought down governments. It has taken us to alien worlds. It has made us what we are today. Yet how has all of this occurred?

Creative thought has changed the world largely because of one specific power. You see, creative thought is the source of all ideas. It is ideas that mold and mutate the world, but they owe their existence to the ability to dream of and conceive revolutionary change. Without the dream there are no ideas and without ideas there can be no progress or positive change.

11 Tips to Boost the Power of Creative Thought

  1. Buy something new that you use when you’re being creative (paper, colored pencils, sketch pad, software, templates, etc.)
  2. Draw/write something – anything to get your juices flowing.
  3. Listen to your favorite music.
  4. Dig through the recycle bin on your computer to see if something inspires you or if you can combine ideas to create something new.
  5. Select a photo and write about it or edit it in a photo editing program. 
  6. Meditate for 10 minutes. Practice being in the moment.
  7. Visit your local library for inspiration.
  8. Take a break and step outside. See what inspirations you can get from nature.
  9. Look for video tutorials to learn something new.
  10. Listen to children play and see where their imagination takes you. 
Grab a piece pf paper and a pencil. Set a timer for 3 minutes and let your thoughts flow. Whatever comes to mind, be it words or images, write it down!

If you're finding it hard to stay positive in your current situation, perhaps make changes to get out of it. If you dislike your job, make the effort necessary towards finding a new one. If you're feeling unhealthy, make nutritious changes so you can live your best life. Sometimes a little effort is all you need to change your current perspective. Baby steps!

The power of creative thought has the ability to dissolve the boundaries between seemingly unrelated concepts. It takes things that seem unalike and through a magical alchemy changes them so that they are no longer disparate. Connecting unrelated concepts in new ways is the very heart of creativity. It is also the birthplace of all the ideas that have transformed our race and made us what we are today.  The creative force will continue to inspire innovation in the future as we carry on the process of growing and developing.


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