Quick Relaxation: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Quick relaxation can be achieved by spending less time in your head and more time in your body. Here are some surefire ways to chill out!

Quick Relaxation:

Here's a lesson I've learned the hard way and I don't want you to have to do the same. Listen to your body. It will tell you when you need to slow down and when you need to go get some much deserved rest. Pushing past that point may be possible for a little while, but the longer you ignore these signals from your body, the louder it will scream at you to slow down and get some shuteye.

It's important to listen to your body when it needs a break from work or workouts. Stress takes its toll and by the time you notice the signs from your body that I'm about to share with you, you're no longer at peak performance. Everything you do will continue to take you longer and longer and you'll do it with less precision and efficiency than if you were rested. In short, slowing down and taking a break doesn't waste time. You'll come back refreshed and able to do much better work in a shorter amount of time.

Now let's look at some of the signals your body may send you to let you know that it's time to slow down or take a break. These are all signals that you're getting exhausted. Heed them and get some rest. Depending on the situation either active or passive rest (link to previous article on the topic) may work. At other times, you've just got to admit defeat and go to sleep for a good 12 hours to catch up.

Quick relaxation: Feeling Foggy
Often the first sign that it's time for some R&R is that you're starting to feel foggy. You're not on top of your game and even everyday tasks take you longer than normal. Listen to your body and slow down.

Quick relaxation: Getting Irritable and Mood Swings
When you find yourself getting irritable and snapping at others without much reason, it's a good sign that you're too stressed. Mood swings are another powerful sign from your body that it's time to slow down.

Quick relaxation: Huge Afternoon Slump
We all get a little tired in the afternoon. It's not uncommon and the reason we all head to the coffee cart or snack machine somewhere from 2pm to 4pm. When it gets worse, you can barely keep your eyes open, or have to lay down for nap to make it through the rest of the day, that's a pretty good sign that it's time to slow down and rest more in general.

Quick relaxation: Craving Junk Food
When you find yourself munching on donuts, heading to the snack machine frequently throughout the day and going for snacks at home after you've just had dinner it's a good sign that you're exhausted. You're trying to compensate for your fatigue with sugar and salt.

Quick relaxation: Getting Sick Frequently
This is a serious cry for help from your body. When you come down with cold after cold and fighting off infection after infection it's time for some serious changes. Take some time off, reduce your workload, and most importantly get more rest and take care of yourself.

Quick Relaxation:

This is probably nothing new today, but let me ask you this: How often do you actually go out for a walk when you're feeling stressed or need to recharge? My guess is that it doesn't happen all that often, which is why it's important to bring it up and talk about it today.

There are a lot of benefits to talking a walk. It's easy to do, you can head out and get in a quick ten minute walk no matter where you are and you don't need any special equipment. You can walk inside, but it will be even more beneficial if you head outside. The fresh air and sunlight will increase the benefits you're getting from your walk.

Talking a walk works on so many different levels. The first is that it gives you a chance to get away from whatever it is you are doing for a few minutes. You're literally walking away from it for a bit. This allows you to come back to it with a fresh mind and a fresh perspective when you get back. This does wonders when you're feeling stuck, are working on a tough problem, or simply need some fresh eyes to catch a few spelling errors.

It also gives your mind a break from whatever it is you were working on. You get to focus on simply moving your body and admiring your surroundings outside for a little while. Often when we take a break from thinking consciously about what we're working on, our unconscious mind takes over and comes up with ideas and solutions our conscious mind couldn't find. Stopping work for a bit and allowing the subconscious to take over is often what brings that big breakthrough you've been hoping for. The rhythmic act of walking helps this process along.

Walking also happens to be form of low impact exercise you can do anytime, anywhere. It gets you moving, helps release tension in your muscles, pump more blood through your body, and thus more oxygen into your cells. When you walk outside in the fresh air, this rejuvenating effect is of course amplified. It's also part of the reason a quick walk helps re-energize you and makes you feel better. Give it a try the next time you need a little break. Head outside or a quick walk instead of grabbing a coffee and a sugary treat.

Quick Relaxation:

You'll either love or hate this stress buster tip. The idea is to get in an intense workout to release tension and get those feel-good endorphins pumping through your body. Trust me, it works extremely well. Even if you're cringing at the tough, I encourage you to give it a couple of tries. Once you see just how effective a good workout is at relieving stress, you'll be motivated to do it more often.

There's a reason I suggest you hit the gym. It doesn't matter if you use a home gym, the one at your apartment complex, or one of the many local gyms. You simply want to be able to get a short and intense workout in somewhere. If neither of those are an option, buy a couple of dumbbells, grab a milk crate and figure out a workout routine that you can do at home in a pinch.

Whenever you feel particularly stressed, make sure you get a good workout in that day. You can head to the company gym on your lunch break or stop at your local one on the way home. After an intense workout and a shower you'll feel like new person. By the time you get home, the stress will have melted away and you're ready for a relaxed evening with your family and a good night sleep.

It's this combination of endorphins and getting more sleep that has the biggest effect when it comes to taking stress down a notch. I don't have to tell you that everything seems a lot worse than it is when you are tired and haven't slept well. After a good workout and particularly if you make it a regular habit, you'll sleep better and deeper. This avoids the afternoon slump and of course the added stress. As an extra bonus, you'll get more done throughout the day. Your productivity will increase with adequate rest.

Exercise also does a good job at distracting you from your worries. When all your attention and concentration is focused on making it through the next set, you don't have time to wallow in what's stressing you out. As an added bonus, all that exercise will tone your body and make you look good. With that you'll get a boost in confidence that also helps you get over much of what's stressing you out. Sometimes it's just about attitude.

Give it a try for a few days and then turn those days into weeks and months. Exercising may never become your favorite thing to do, but that's ok. It's a tool you can use to reduce stress and feel better. That alone should be plenty of motivation to get it done. Of course the rest of your body and your overall health will benefit from it as well.

Quick Relaxation:

Here's a great way to pay attention to your body!


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