Hypnosis: Relaxation Script

A well-formulated hypnotic relaxation script can ease tension in body and mind. Break free from repetitive, worrying thoughts.

Relaxation Script:
Where to Begin

1. Start with a short script, and with practice, work up to longer scripts. Make additions or deletions as you see fit, to customize the script for your preferences.

2. Record yourself reading the script slowly in a calm voice. Your own voice can be particularly effective for inducing the relaxation response, because people often respond best to suggestions they provide themselves. You might find you are able to relax listening to your own voice better than listening to someone else's. Try it to find out!

3. Pause frequently. It is very common to read too quickly - what seems to be a very slow pace when reading, is not nearly as slow when listening! Take at least two or three breaths between each phrase. Pausing in the middle of a phrase can be effective, too.

4. Concentrate on saying each word clearly and slowly, but not so slow as to be distracting (a bit of practice will help you adjust your reading style to your own preferences).

5. Play back the spoken script with music, if you wish. Choose music without lyrics that you find relaxing.

6. Listen to the script at a low volume, adjusted so it is loud enough to hear without straining, but quiet enough to be calm and relaxing.

7. Listen to the relaxation script audio often, and practice learning to relax.  

~parts adapted via innerhealthstudio.com

Relaxation Script:

Let’s take a few minutes to relax your body and mind.

We’ll begin with a few slow, deep breaths. Each time you breathe in; breathe all the way down into your stomach. Breathe in slowly through your nose, and feel your abdomen and lungs expand with air. After drawing in a long deep breath, allow your breath to flow back out through your mouth. Just let go of each breath, and with it, release any tension or stress you might have been holding on to. You might like to mentally repeat the word “relax” as you breathe out.

Try this now, slowly draw in a deep breath. Don’t rush to breath in. Just gradually fill your lungs and abdomen with air, and when they are full, release that breath completely. You are beginning to feel yourself relaxing. Your breath will dissolve tension just as easily as warm water melts ice.

Breathe in once again. Feel your body fill with air...and when you are ready, release the breath, let it flood out naturally. Breathe all the way out until your lungs are empty. Let’s draw in a third and final breath. Nice and deep. Feel yourself relaxing as you gradually release the breath.

Now let your breathing return to a normal rhythm as we begin to scan over your entire body, looking for areas of tension to release. As I mention each body part, I invite you to bring your awareness to it and relax it as deeply as you can. You don’t need to concentrate intensely on this task, just feel or imagine a sensation of relaxation and relief moving through each part of your body.

It’s quite common for people to store a lot of tension in their jaw muscles, so let’s begin there. Pay attention to your jaw for a moment. There are a number of very strong muscles in that area. Just mentally connect with this part of your body, and relax it. Allow your jaw muscles to loosen and let go.

Now let your attention wander to the muscles in your face. Allow your eye muscles to release, and let your cheeks and forehead relax. Let this peaceful feeling flow slowly down your neck. Feel it sooth your throat and dissolve any tension as it slowly glides down to your shoulders.

Let your shoulders go. Give them a moment of your attention, and just mentally repeat the word “relax” as you let them soften, let go, and release all tension.

Now bring your awareness to your arms. Feel and imagine them becoming loose and limp. They are relaxed and at peace, all the way from your shoulders, through your wrists, to the tips of your fingers.

Now focus on the muscles in your back...all those muscles surrounding your spine. Just let those muscles relax and let go.Now bring your awareness to your chest and all the muscles that surround your rib cage. As you breathe in and out, send a mental note to this area of your body...relax.

As you breathe in and out feel your stomach gently rise and fall. Let your stomach soften and relax with each breath. Feel it releasing tension as each moment passes. You can feel yourself slowly slipping into a state of deep relaxation.

Now bring your attention to your thighs. Imagine all those strong supporting muscles beginning to relax and unwind.

Your knees, your calves, your feet. Let them all relax.~parts adapted via The-Guided-Meditation-Site.com

Relaxation Script:

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