Self Hypnosis Techniques: How to Create Your Personalized Script

Self hypnosis techniques are tools that any of us can use to resolve day to day issues that come up, help alleviate pain, and become more in control of our lives. Knowing how to create self hypnosis scripts is a rewarding skill to hone. You can use self hypnosis techniques throughout your life to achieve what you want and make your life better.

Learning how to do self hypnosis for stress relief, or any other issue, is simple. At the end of the day, no one can put ideas in your head but you!

Self Hypnosis Techniques:
The Simple Method...(by the way, all self hypnosis methods should be simple!)

1 - You start by putting yourself into a relaxed state.

2 - You tell yourself (aloud or in your head) the relaxing messages that are helpful to you. Visualize how you feel or what your goal may look like.

You can place yourself in a relaxed state in various ways, such as progressive muscle relaxation and diaphragmatic breathing.

Here is a really simple self-hypnosis technique for you to try today!

  • 1. Before getting started, reduce distractions. Turn off the TV, phone, etc.


  • 2. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.


  • 3. Close your eyes.


  • 4. Take a deep breath in.


  • 5. Exhale slowly and say "25" in your head.


  • 6. Take another deep breath in.


  • 7. Exhale slowly and say "24" in your head.


  • 8. Continue this breathing pattern as you count backward from 25 to 0.


  • 9. When you reach 0, tell yourself a calming message and visualize your goal.


  • "I feel a wave of relaxation go through my body. I feel relaxed from my head to my toes. I am in control of my relaxation and can call upon it at any time. I feel relaxed especially during work meetings. " Imagine how this feels. Visualize your body relaxing. Maybe you’re picturing at the meeting feeling in control and relaxed.

Repeat this message (or mantra) a couple of times.

  • 10. Take a deep breath in.


  • 11. Exhale slowly and say "0" in your head.


  • 12. Take another deep breath in.


  • 13. Exhale slowly and say "1" in your head.


  • 14. Continue this breathing pattern as you count from 0 to 25.

The process for how to do self-hypnosis is all about programming your mind with positive messages. As with any thought process that gets deeply ingrained in the brain, it doesn't happen with a one-shot deal, although you will feel a difference after trying this once. Practice makes perfect! Practice self-hypnosis for 30 days, and you'll experience big changes in your life!

Self Hypnosis Techniques:
Create Your Personalized Script

Now let’s talk more about these “positive messages” or scripts for your self hypnosis techniques arsenal.


There are two main types of hypnosis scripts you can create: visualization and suggestion.

The visualization script helps you visualize the changes you want to make in your life in your mind. You may or may not use suggestions in the visualization script, but you will use your subconscious mind to create images. You are actively engaging your imagination.


The suggestion script consists of suggestive phrases that are written out and that you repeat to yourself until you can visualize the outcome. In self hypnosis, every script should include the visualization technique, but some people respond best to both suggestive and imagery methods. Using both suggestive phrase and visualization works best with the subconscious mind to bring about change.


When you write a self hypnosis script, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make it as effective as possible. Whether you want a suggestive script or a visualization script, here are a few hints for writing it:


1. Create a blueprint

Just as an architect creates a blueprint for a building, so must you create a clear and precise blueprint for reaching success through self hypnosis. If you want to be lean and healthy, it’s important that you visualize your success by not only writing it down, but having that picture in your mind at all times.

Before you begin putting your script together, be sure you have a vivid understanding of what changes you want to make or create in your life. Your subconscious mind needs specifics. A vague picture of your intentions won’t get the message across. I

f it’s not clear in your subconscious, it won’t be clear in your self hypnosis efforts. I recommend writing your putting your script in writing. Also, if you can find a picture to help with your visualization, do that.

2. Know what motivates you

If you simply want to change, but have no motivating factors behind it, you’ll have many obstacles that can dislodge all of your hard self hypnosis work.

The motivation to reach the carrot at the end of the stick must be greater than remaining in your same situation. For instance, if you want to lose weight, is it to lower your blood pressure? Is it to fit into a special outfit?

3. Know your saboteurs

Your subconscious mind plays an important role in sabotaging your efforts for change. When you’re aware of what these obstacles are that block your success, you can formulate your script to combat them. Focus on one change at a time. Rather than write a script that includes many life changes you want to make, focus on one thing at a time.

For example, if you want to lose weight, write your script with only that visualization or suggestive phrase in mind, rather than combining it with other goals.

As with all things in life, the more you practice something, the easier it gets! You’ll soon be able to develop scripts in your head rather than write them down. These self hypnosis techniques will become more automatic. Your goals are within reach! Keep up the good work in making positive changes in your life.

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You can start feeling better today!