Shift Limiting Beliefs: 5 Tips to Get Started

Shift Limiting Beliefs: Sometimes, I’m the complete opposite of Wally Piper’s The Little Engine That Could. I get stuck repeating the phrase – I think I can’t, I think I can’t. It’s not a great place to be. I find that it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy because I literally set myself up to fail by repeating this mind garbage. It can get to the point when I’m not even the train anymore, just a turd on the tracks.

Like many, I am my own worst enemy. I live in my head, an internal prison. I set myself up for defeat. I must confess that there are moments where I am terrified of life. I can become so terrified that I try to not move forward and remain in the realm of what I know, to stay in my lane. After all, the familiar can be a source of great comfort even if it isn’t so great. 

Like always, I continue to put in the effort to evolve as a human being. I’ve found that the only way to get past these self-sabotaging behaviors is to go on offense. Taking active, intentional steps can remedy one’s toxic thinking. 

Shift Limiting Beliefs: 5 Tips to Get Started shift limiting beliefs shift limiting beliefs

1. STOP!

Be still and you will catch yourself in the act of thinking negatively. Practice self-awareness. Doing so will reinforce your ability to recognize when you are engaging in limiting beliefs. Your “emotional intelligence” will improve the more you do this. 

2. Look for the Proof in What You're Saying

Carefully consider what you are telling yourself. Identify the lie(s) in this thought. You probably have a sense there's something wrong with it, or you wouldn't be reading this article! Identifying the lie makes it easier for you to counter it. You target the lie instead of letting it target you. Take a step back from the situation and look at what's going on from a neutral perspective. I bet 9 times out of 10 you are painting an inaccurate picture of yourself.

3. Flip The Script

You’ve identified the lie. It's relatively easy to disprove the false aspects of your thinking. But what if there’s some truth to your limiting beliefs? You can begin by reminding yourself this isn't always the case. I totally forgot about an appointment I had the other day. This is the first appointment I had ever missed in my entire life. But I punished myself dearly. I subjected myself to all sorts of nasty words and personal attacks. It morphed into me believing I was a “complete screw up” in general. Yes, there is truth in the fact that I missed the appointment, but I had to zoom out and think about other appointments I missed – there weren’t any!  My point is that when you find yourself going down this road of negative overgeneralization, ask yourself: where’s the proof?  Counter the lie by focusing on all of the appointments you never missed. 

4. Get Help

Sometimes you need to employ the help of others to help move that mental roadblock. There’s no shame in doing so! Consider talking to a friend, or even a counselor, to help you work through it, over it, or around it! Sometimes, an impartial perspective is all you need. 

Self-limiting beliefs don't have to control your life. Stop, examine, flip the script, and seek help if necessary. Put these suggestions into practice and shift your limiting beliefs for good. Become a train that travels at lightspeed!

5. Hypnosis

Humans live the "stories in their minds" every day. This can be a very helpful thing, as long as the stories are positive and useful. Unfortunately, most people tend to believe the negative and unhelpful stories running in their minds. This is where hypnosis can be such a great tool. Hypnosis helps us speak directly to our subconscious minds - this is where our stories live. The language hypnosis uses to speak to the subconscious is through metaphors. Why? because metaphors are emotionally charged stories that stick with us. As humans, we are highly motivated by and act primarily upon feelings, rather than logic. This is why using sheer willpower to make behavioral changes rarely works. Instead, when you use mind power - by shifting the feelings of the stories running through your mind - you're changing the feeling, the emotion at the heart of behavior. This is how you can easily start to make the healthy changes that will stick for the long-term! 

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