Stay Fit and Healthy This Winter

It’s always important that we take extras good care of our health in the winter when bugs tend to be more common, and this is even more important this winter due to the Corona virus crisis and the risks that come with it.

With that in mind, here are some simple things we can all do to stay fit, healthy, and able to enjoy the winter season:

Eat well and exercise

Sound advice for any time of the year, eating well and exercising becomes even more important in the winter months because it can help to keep issues like seasonal depression at bay, while also helping you to maintain a healthy immune system that will be more able to fight off various viruses.

Wash your hands and keep your distance

This winter, we have Corona virus to contend with, which means it’s going to be important that we all wash our hands even more regularly, maintain a decent social distance, and do whatever else is asked of us to contain the spread as best we can.

Get vaccinated

If you are able to do so get your vaccinations. Right now, the flu shot is so important because the last thing you want is to be struck down by a flu bug when there’s also the risk of Corona virus out there, and when you want to spend the winter months enjoying the holiday season and all that entails, not laid up in bed for who knows how long.

Get Good Sleep

I often get asked how much sleep is the right amount of sleep. My answer: as much as it takes for you to feel your best during waking hours. So, it's more about quality vs quantity. One surefire way to improve the quality of your sleep is through Red Light Therapy.

Take your vitamins

In the winter months, it’s often a good idea to supplement your vitamin D intake, especially if you live in an area where there is a lot less sunshine to be found during the season. It’s also a good idea to take immune-boosting vitamins C, B12, and omega-3 fish oils that will support your body and brain to do their thing more effectively.

Consider light box therapy

If you’re prone to periods of melancholy or depression during the winter months, you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. If that’s the case, you might want to think about buying a light box that mimics the rays of the sun, Spending as little as 15 minutes in front of it each morning could work wonders in terms of bringing you out of your funk and helping you to feel more like you.

Wear the right clothes

If you live in an area that tends to get icy and snowy during the winter months, make sure that you have a solid pair of snowshoes that will help to prevent you from slipping, wrap up warm, and do whatever you can to avoid being exposed to the elements for too long. Doping so will help you avoid accidents, injuries, and the effects of the cold.

Take it easy

Winter is the holiday season, so it can get pretty frantic at times, but for the sake of your mental health, take plenty of time out, relax, meditate and give yourself some space. You’ll feel all the better for it.

Enjoy this winter season:)

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