How The Lockdown Has Shone On A Light On Women's Mental Health

Because the world has been in lockdown for many months, we have tended to become consumed with boredom. We have forgotten that for some people, boredom would be a welcome replacement to the fear they feel every single day. They have been trapped inside with their abuser, their tormentor and they haven’t had any relief or anyone to talk to, for such a long time. Despite the lockdown, women with mental health challenges have a lot of hope and help on hand.

Break the cycle

During the pandemic lockdown, there has been a rapid increase in the percentage of women’s domestic abuse reports. This has been a global increase of 20% the UN has reported. That is simply far too high. What has triggered this? Well, women who are abused by their husbands and boyfriends have been trapped indoors with their abusers. This has been incredibly dangerous for their mental health and their physical well being. They don’t have anywhere to go as many places that would normally take them in have had to shut due to the spread of the virus. Thankfully however, many women are finding sanctuary in women’s shelters that have continued to increase and open their doors. Domestic Violence Awareness Month begins in October which is working with the MeToo movement. This is bringing more funding and help to women at ground level.

The anxiety of the future

Nobody knows for certain, what the future holds. But since we have seen a pandemic across the world and the entire globe going into shutdown, anxiety levels have spiked. At the best of times, we feel unsure of the future. But as we have seen during the lockdown, many people without mental illnesses before have since developed them because of the additional stress. Speaking with a Therapist about your financial concerns, your social circle challenges and just general existential crises can really help. They specialize in women’s mental health which is something that needs a unique perspective and specific training as women’s minds are different from men’s. Their expert counselors can help you regarding your pregnancy, preconception stress, depression, and general wellness and confidence about the future.

Socializing again

We can look forward to many things once again, when this lockdown is over. We can look forward to having a picnic with our friends again. We can look forward to hugging our nieces and nephews once again. Most of all, we will get to socialize with fellow women with mental health concerns. The World Health Organization has released a guide and information about how to cope with mental health issues during the situation the world is in. This is something you can use to bring calm to your mind and help others too. 

In a way, the lockdown has brought light onto women’s issues, especially domestic abuse. We can use modern technology, social media, and spread the word about these concerns. Let's use this moment to springboard awareness of women’s mental health

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