Anxiety Management Strategies to Help You Relax

If someone told you a year ago that there would be a worldwide pandemic within the next twelve months meaning that we would have to stay in our homes, the economy would plummet, and we’d not be able to hug our parents, you’d have laughed. Fast forward to today and this is the new reality for the world. When the new normal shifts suddenly, we have to adjust at a rapid pace. This can lead to high levels of anxiety, stress, and worry. This is only natural. People who have had sound mental well being prior to this moment in history are struggling with their mental health for the first time. However, you don’t have to go it alone and soldier on. Take a look at these anxiety management techniques to help you relax.


Don’t assume that yoga belongs in the realm of highly spiritual beings with dreadlocks and a penchant for incense sticks. Yoga is now prescribed by doctors and medical professionals as a preference to medication in an effort to ease patients’ anxieties. Yoga will enable you to strengthen your core through a range of movements and postures. Being a relatively quiet and measured exercise, you also learn to focus on your own breathing. This self-awareness can be relaxing and can help you to find an inner peace. Couple yoga with mindfulness and you can learn to live more in the present rather than allowing your thoughts to run away from you and stress about what may or may not happen in the future.


While we might not be able to be physically close to our nearest and dearest, we can still rely on them as a support network. Get onto Zoom or Skype and make an effort to catch up with your pals and parents at a regular time each week. This routine will give you something to look forward to every week and will help you to remain social. If you are worried about opening up to someone close to you, alternative online therapy could suit you better. Having an objective individual listen and help you construct anxiety management strategies can be more comforting to many. Find someone to talk with to help you unburden yourself of your worries.

Do Something New

It’s all too tempting to spend lockdown days watching Netflix box sets or scrolling mindlessly through Facebook. Instead, you need to do something more productive and fulfilling with your time. This about heading outside and going for a jog, a cycle ride, or even a stroll to the local park. Immerse yourself in nature and absorb some much-needed Vitamin D

Consider taking up a new hobby and learning a language. There are plenty of free online courses that you can enroll in. If you fancy learning the piano, have a one to one online session. If you want to hone your baking skills, dust off your recipe books, and get cake making. Doing something new focuses your mind and stops you from feeling bored.

Follow this simple guide and you won’t have to feel as stressed during these uncertain times.

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