How Do I Fall Back Asleep Fast?

Techniques to Fall Back Asleep Fast

1. Stop telling yourself to fall back asleep! The more frustrated you become, the more stimulating this is for the brain. This just ends up keeping you awake. Instead try the following...

2. Try this Visualization technique. Find a spot in the room to look at. Notice:

                                               3 items you can see surrounding this spot (e.g.: a picture, a clock, a phone, etc.)

                                               1 thing you can hear (e.g.: your own breathing, the rain or wind, etc.)

                                               1 thing you can feel (e.g.: a blanket, a pillow, pajamas, etc.)

                                               1 thing you can smell (e.g.: aromatherapy)

           Now close your eyes and imagine seeing these items again. Again, hear, feel, and smell these same items.

           Now imagine that you're doing this same activity again but at a different time of day.

                                             How would the items look different?

                                             Would you hear different sounds?

                                             Would the temperature of things feel different?

                                             Would there be a new smell to perceive?

            Hypnosis can help guide you through helpful visualizations such as this one, as well.

3. Start meditating to prepare your mind and body to sleep all night

Stress often kicks in, especially at night! It’s not always possible to control everything that's happening to us or around us, but it is possible to change the way we relate to those things that are happening. Softening the way we perceive stress and relating to it in a more accepting way is the first trick for how to deal with stressful feelings — like the ones that might be keeping you up at night.

Rather than being caught up in our thoughts, practicing meditation for stress teaches us to become the observers of certain mental patterns and become less physically affected by them. In training the mind to be more responsive and less reactive, we're better able to cope when life’s stressors, day or night. (*See the resources for a free meditation as well as my Mellow Moment.)

4. Try a Relaxation Technique

One simple way to do this is to lie in your bed on your back, legs extended, and arms at your side. Imagine your lungs are balloons, and take the deepest breath you can, filling the balloons, then exhale completely, deflating the balloons. Repeat this as many times as needed/as is comfortable. Take a look at my simple recipe for Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety, too.

5. Set Yourself Up to Sleep Through the Night with Essential Oils

Place 1-3 drops of Lavender (or an essential oil of your choosing) in the palm of your hand. Rub hands together and breathe in deeply before sleep. Set the intention that this aroma is an anchor for your desired outcome to sleep through the night. Diffuse Sleep Tight essential oil blend in your bedroom. 

Fall Back Asleep Fast Resources:

Please reach out to me if you need help with hypnotherapy, or anything else related to your self-care and mental wellness. I am happy to help in any way I can:)

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