Online Hypnosis Training: Uncommon Practitioners

Online Hypnosis Training from Uncommon Knowledge offers courses for therapy and counseling practitioners. I have completed most of the online hypnosis training courses offered by Uncommon Knowledge. Hands-down, the education has been the most thorough and supportive I have received. Hypnotherapy has been a very rewarding career for me, and I consider myself to be an Uncommon Practitioner! Could this be the right career path for you, too?

Online Hypnosis Training: Where to Start?

I started by subscribing to Clear Thinking. Once I recognized the value in the newsletter I just knew the online hypnosis training courses would be professional and help set myself apart from other hypnotherapists. These trainings have really helped my hone my hypnosis skills. If you're a practitioner any persuasion (counsellor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, life coach, bodyworker, in fact anyone who works in the helping professions) you will glean valuable, actionable ideas, tips and techniques from Clear Thinking.

Free Reframing Ebook

Join me and over 77,134 subscribers receiving articles on topics such as depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and more. All delivered to you on a weekly basis as a short, punchy article.

You'll also receive video presentations, live therapy footage and subscriber-only offers for all of the online hypnosis training courses. You may unsubscribe at any time using the link at the foot of every email.

As a psychotherapist, counselor, hypnotherapist or interested layperson, you now have access to cutting-edge training from anywhere in the world. The founders of Uncommon Knowledge, have trained thousands and now you can access the courses at home.

Packed with video, audio, discussion forums and course materials, the Uncommon Knowledge home study experience enables you to access your training anytime, anywhere and to learn in a way that suits you.

Uncommon Knowledge's  in-depth courses teach a range of hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques in the indirect, conversational, Ericksonian style.

Founded upon our 20+ years' experience training people in hypnosis, these courses will give you the skills to hypnotize the greatest range of people for the largest range of desired outcomes.

And like other therapists, hypnotherapists need to continually update, hone, refine and practice their skills. Our short sessions will give you professional resources to explore and expand your knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

These titles are hypnosis mp3 audio downloads - if you are looking for written scripts to help you with ideas for your hypnotherapy clients, you will find the scripts for these titles and many others in our hypnosis scripts library. You can also get more professional resources on the Uncommon Practitioners' site.

The Growth Zone, the members' section, is also popular with hypnotherapists as a source of ideas and new insights. Every two weeks, you can download a hypnosis script or audio download of your choice, for a reduced price. For more information, see the hypnotherapist member section page.

And, if you're just looking for an introduction to hypnosis, you can take the free online hypnosis courseIt's a great introduction to hypnosis.