Self-Hypnosis Scripts: Getting Started

A step-by step guide to creating your own self-hypnosis scripts. Get ready to change your mind!

Self-Hypnosis Scripts:
Where to Begin

Self-hypnosis scripts are tools that any of us can use to resolve problems, help alleviate pain and become more in control of our lives. It’s a rewarding asset to know how to create the hypnosis scripts that you can use throughout your life to achieve what you want and make your life better.


There are two types of scripts you can create – visualization and suggestion. The visualization script helps you to literally visualize in your mind the changes you want to make in your life. You may or may not use suggestions in the visualization script, but you will use your subconscious mind to create images.


The "suggestion" self-hypnosis scripts consist of suggestive phrases that are written out and that you repeat to yourself until you can visualize the outcome. In self-hypnosis scripts, every script should include the visualization technique, but some people respond best to both suggestive and imagery methods. This works best with the sub-conscious mind that uses both techniques to bring about change.


When you write self-hypnosis scripts, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make it as effective as possible. Whether you want a suggestive script or a visualization script, here are a few hints for writing it:


1.    Have a plan. Before you begin to put together your self-hypnosis scripts, be sure you have a vivid understanding of what changes you want to make or create in your life. Your subconscious mind needs specifics, and a vague picture of your intentions won’t get the message across. If it’s not clear in your subconscious, it won’t be clear in your self-hypnosis efforts.

2.    Know what motivates you. If you simply want to change, but have no motivating factors behind it, you’ll have many obstacles that can dislodge all of your hard self-hypnosis work. The motivation to reach the carrot at the end of the stick must be greater than remaining in your same situation.

3.    Know your saboteurs. Your subconscious mind plays an important role in sabotaging your efforts for change. When you’re aware of what these obstacles are that block your success, you can formulate your script to combat them.

4.    Create a blueprint. Just as an architect creates a blueprint for a building, so must you create a clear and precise blueprint for reaching success through self-hypnosis efforts. If you want to be lean and healthy, it’s important that you visualize your success by not only writing it down, but having that picture in your mind at all times.


Concentrate on one change at a time. Rather than write self-hypnosis scripts that include many life changes you want to make, focus on one thing at a time. For example, if you want to lose weight, write your script with only that visualization or suggestive phrases in mind rather than combining it with studying more to make good grades.


With a little time, effort and practice, you’ll soon be able to write self-hypnosis scripts in your head that will help you make necessary and positive changes in your life.

Self-Hypnosis Scripts:
Basic Recipe


This is the initial relaxation script. An induction is to help you relax. For example, the script may ask you to close your eyes and relax your scalp muscles. In this case, (and there are other styles of induction scripts), the script may start at the scalp, to muscles at the back of the head, the muscles around the eyes, cheeks, the jaw, neck… all the way down to the tips of the toes. Some prefer to go the other way, from the toes to the head… Just follow the suggestions, and allow yourself to relax.



Allows you to relax deeper than you were during the induction phase. There may be suggestions such as  "as every minute passes," or "every noise you hear allows you to relax deeper than before." A popular deepening script is to "imagine three steps that take you down… and with the first step you take, now, relax much more deeply than you were just a few moments ago…"



This script will have suggestions to assist you to achieve your objective, whatever it may be. Look for positive suggestions that work with your imagination, as opposed to ones that say you will do this or you will do that. Generally, positive suggestions such as imagine yourself in a situation where you are a non-smoker is preferable to “cigarettes make you feel ill” – while it may work to help stop you smoking, it may also cause a reaction when, for example, you might be on a crowded train and smell cigarette smoke on a person nearby…



This terminating script will bring you back to full awareness by ending your trance. An awakening script often involves a count from one to five, and to allow the energy to return. Should you record one such as this, when you count up from one to five make sure you increase the energy in your voice so that you come back to full conscious awareness full of energy and vigor.

Self-Hypnosis Scripts Example:
Get Over a Relationship

This download will help you to really come to terms with the end of the particular relationship you have in mind... and will enable you to move on emotionally... and feel fresh and open to life again!

When a relationship ends, even when you know it had to, it can be difficult to manage your emotions for a while. The old cliché that ‘time is the great healer’ is absolutely true, but sometimes it can take much longer than you think it should.

So we can give time a helping hand in putting that relationship well and truly into the past as far as your emotions are concerned. This doesn’t mean that you will forget about what was good about the relationship if you don’t want to – and let’s face it – just about all relationships have happy elements to them, at least in the beginning.

Through using this download, the relationship will start to take up less time and space in your mind and you will expend less emotional energy ruminating over it.

So let’s do a little preparation for this.

Now, there have been times in your life when you were doing things that felt extremely important at the time.

That might be revising for a test or exam... starting something new... meeting someone for the first time... you know the sort of occasion – and at the time it felt like a big thing... but now it feels like it’s behind you.

So as a kind of practice for getting the feeling of the past being in the past, just take a few seconds now to review something from a long time ago that felt like a big deal at the time, but seems pretty insignificant now... just think about that now...


Okay. Now that is the kind of thinking you’ll be able to develop about that relationship, and you’ll find you can actually practice getting that more detached feeling on a daily basis.

Often people think that the latest relationship was somehow ‘meant to be’ or that it was ‘the one’, which can lead to feelings that you may never have another relationship as good or intense in the future. This is an illusion.

There are literally millions of potential partners out there, hundreds of thousands of which would meet your needs. It’s the emotion you are feeling at the moment that leads to that sort of thought, but it is just not true, so please don’t be fooled by the feeling that there’s only one person for you... it’s so easy to get that idea.

There will be opportunities for you in the future, whether you believe me or not...the fact remains...

So you need to be sitting or lying somewhere comfortable where you won’t be interrupted for fifteen minutes or so and you can start to settle in a nice comfortable way and allow yourself to begin to appreciate the possibility that you can relax deeply and calmly and just let the eyes gently close now as relaxation starts to drift all about you and laps gently through your muscles sweeping deep rest and a wonderful kind of release through that body and your mind can take a vacation away from usual thoughts and feelings seeing them get more distant as you relax through time and even the air around the skin can start to feel so much more relaxed


And of course any of the old good times are still there from anything that you’ve experienced and that’s fine, but the real thing that your unconscious mind needs to learn, and really learn,  is that good feelings from good times actually come from inside you and therefore will be there again in the future in different types of times with different people


That’s it and that can be an infinitely reassuring thought and you know that actually a very deep part of you now can start to feel very soothed and reassured in such a comforting way as a part of you notices that you can just continue to relax deeper so beautifully and serenely just like the surface of beautifully calm water so clear and calm...


And there comes to be a kind of strange comfort in knowing that all things pass and that we can benefit from others on our individual paths through life but that all people move on and look forward to drinking in future benefits of people you haven’t even met yet with an unspoken sense of excitement and optimism at future possibilities which are there whether you know that or not that’s it and even as you continue to drift so soothingly in a trance of pure rest and tranquillity you can really begin perhaps even for the very first time to review that whole relationship from a totally new and distanced point of view like watching it from a great calm distance through space and time notice what it’s like to view it through a different lens much further away with incredible objectivity and soothing detachment...


And you like everybody have experienced the flow of time many years ago in what now feels like the dim and distant past the present at that time felt very real present concerns and interests were very current but now feel so unimportant and distant in time people you knew at the time on a daily basis even felt very relevant then but that was years ago and time and associations and experiences move on with your life changing things you really worried about at that time you can’t even remember now sometimes time moves on like the fast and slow currents of a stream sometimes flowing over smooth pebbles sometimes soothing over rocks and underwater river sand as times move on...


And one day this time now will feel very distant in time like when you are close up to something seeing only the trees and then as you move away the whole wood comes into view with the distance and perspective of time seeing the whole picture and having great detachment on the situation as just a part of the overall picture of your life...


This very time right now as you relax to this will one day be exactly a year ago and how does that feel when this point in your life is a year ago? the feeling of that relationship settling down into its appropriate place in your life...


And it’s true that this time will be ten years ago one day and much has changed and moved on in ten years new and exciting things have happened and are happening, and on the rare occasion that you look back from your future to the past relationship in question, notice how it really feels now like a long time ago...


And also notice the new healthy aspects to your life now in the future look back from a great distant place in the future at that past relationship where it feels so long ago and you’ve moved on and just reviewing it dispassionately and objectively the way a scientist might just examine a past curiosity and really notice what it feels like when it doesn’t matter much to you any more really learn and notice that when it now feels so distant...


And life is made up of many different aspects and parts and many different focuses and we can sometimes over-focus – for a while – in one direction at the expense of things we used to do and enjoy and it can feel good to focus again on things to enjoy. ~adapted via

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