Relaxation Scripts: Use Your Mind to Release Anxiety

Hypnotic relaxation scripts can ease tension in your body and mind. Break free from worrying thoughts by re-programming your mind.

Relaxation Scripts:
Anxiety Release

Allow yourself to drift... deeper and deeper.

Drifting and  becoming drowsy - drifting down, down and down into total relaxation.

As you drift deeper and deeper into this calm, relaxing feeling - you know that you can feel safe and secure - and very comfortable.

You are always in control...

So, just continue to drift deeper and deeper down - as you listen to my voice.

Now - because you are so very calm and relaxed - you can be aware of the tiniest of movements of your body, both within and without.

You are conscious of the gentle beating of your heart - and the steady rhythm of each breath, breathing gently and slowly, slowly and evenly.

Now, I would like you to create a picture in your mind's eye - an image of a beautiful woodland scene.

Take your time as you allow the picture to form in your mind - until you can visualize yourself sitting down, perhaps on a log that lies by a babbling stream that runs through the wood.

Or maybe you would prefer to find yourself leaning against a special tree in that woodland space, feeling the texture of its rough bark against your back.

Listen carefully, and you may hear the sound of a little birdsong up there in the boughs of the tree, as the birds sing.

The sun shines down on the patches of grass and those delicate wildflowers in the clearing nearby.

You can see the warm sunshine sparkling like glittering diamonds on the gently flowing stream over there.

Perhaps you can recall the earthy aroma of leaves that have fallen to the ground and fresh grass as you listen to the sound of the wind's gentle breeze in the upper branches of the trees.

There may be an occasional creak as one branch touches another, merged with the ripples of the stream. 

Every now and then, you hear other little sounds in the distance - yet it is so peaceful here, and you feel very calm and relaxed.

You are not surprised to notice a baby rabbit that is playing in the leaves, its little tail bobbing up and down, nose twitching - and now and then it stands on its larger hind legs as if looking for something.

You watch the rabbit for a few moments - mesmerized by this tiny animal busy in its play.

And then - without any warning at all - the little rabbit bolts away as if in fright, as though an unseen predator were lurking nearby - ready to pounce on your furry friend.

The rabbit swiftly disappears down into her burrow with a kick of her hind legs and a scuffle of leaves - to escape this imaginary threat.

Another rabbit in the same situation may have stood motionless, frozen in mid-air as it submitted itself to the catch.

Of course, the baby rabbit that you saw was using her primitive fight or flight instinct as a response to help her escape.

Her heart was pounding as the blood flow to the muscles increased - the flow of blood to her digestive system was cut off as her body immediately released enough adrenaline to allow her to flee to safety and by escaping down into her burrow, she discharged all the energy from her body.

As humans, we sometimes also feel threatened, but rarely are these threats anything like those of the little rabbits.

But because we can't always be in a fight or run away from undesirable situations, the responses remain locked within us for a period of time, and we may even begin to fear our body's own natural responses - always imagining the worst is about to happen - when it's not.

So, by being aware of these responses we can immediately discharge them, freeing ourselves of the feelings of panic or anxiety whichever symptoms are generated.

Every time you discharge one of those symptoms of anxiety you immediately feel very proud of yourself, and this reinforces the positive cycle - and you need or want to do is to relax.

Remember - the body cannot feel two conflicting emotions as once - so whenever you feel yourself tensing or anxiety rising - all you need to do is slow down - breathe in - and breathe out - and allow your body to relax.

Now I'm going to show you another technique which you will find useful should those old panic feelings return.

To do this you will need to locate the area of your body where you feel the anxiety - for some people, this may be in their chest - for others in their throat or the back of the neck - or somewhere totally different.

Just be aware of where those unwanted feelings manifest themselves and remember - your body is simply experiencing a primitive response and needs a little help in order to feel better.

So focus on that feeling - just for a second or two - and imagine it shrinking in size.

Now direct that feeling to the top of your shoulder and all the way down through your arm - it doesn't matter which one - but bring it down from the shoulder - down through the arm and into the palm of your hand.

Feel and experience that anxiety there in the palm of your hand - hold it tight for a moment or two - that's right - form a really tight fist - and then - with all your might - just throw it away - discard it - get rid of it at once.

And as you discard that old unwanted negative feeling - you immediately feel lighter and happier and more in control.

You feel yourself free - such a relief - such a release - it is gone - it had no business to be there in the beginning - and so - you took control - you rid yourself of that anxious feeling.

You take a couple of nice, deep, refreshing breaths - perhaps imagining breathing in that fresh woodland air - remembering - it was simply an old primitive response which needed help to escape.

And you can relax your body if ever those old feelings of panic return; you can breathe deeply and calmly - allowing your body and your mind to relax as you regain control.

When you inhale in this way, your breath pushes deep into your abdomen, deep - deep down - you take slow, deep breaths to regulate your breathing, and then slowly let go, while at the same time telling yourself to feel calm and relaxed.

You also use the fist technique in any situation that requires it - and when you do this - and you inhale deeply and evenly and tell yourself that you are calm and relaxed - you immediately feel much calmer and more relaxed.

Your mind commands and your body obeys - and when you tell yourself that you are calm and relaxed - you instantly experience that calm, relaxed feeling.

And if you ever feel any of that old anxiety creeping up on you, all you need to do is to take this deep breath - remind yourself that you can regulate your breathing; you can relax your whole body - you can - and you do.

You remember to check your body for tension.

You check your shoulders and neck, letting your shoulders droop and relax.

You check your jaw, allowing it to hang loosely and feel relaxed.

You check your forehead, letting it become smooth and relaxed; you check your abdomen, letting each breath relax your stomach - and each deep breath relaxes your stomach more and more deeply.

You relax any part of your body that feels tension - any part of your body where relaxation is needed.

Always remember that you are in charge. You have the ability, the tools and the knowledge to let go of all that old, unnecessary anxiety.

And from now on you find yourself feeling so much calmer and more relaxed - and so much more confident too - those old anxieties begin to diminish because you now know exactly how to deal with them - easily - effectively - by simply letting them go.

After just a few times of practicing these techniques - those old, primitive, unwanted responses will change - as a new response pattern sets in - a pattern of coping, taking control - feeling wonderfully relaxed and at ease.

They are even changing now as you listen to me - for you instinctively know that you can do this - you  can take control - you can be in charge of your mind, your body and your health.

I would like you to think of a situation that would previously have caused you to feel anxious - that is - before you learned these new coping strategies.

Picture yourself at a future date in a similar situation - but this time the anxiety is so faint that you can barely perceive it.

But even if there is a tiny bit of that old anxiety there - you know how to eliminate it - and you do.

So see yourself coping wonderfully - directing any tension up to your shoulder and down your arm - into the palm of your hand.

Experience yourself closing that hand into a very tight fist - before throwing the anxiety away.

Feel yourself taking that long, slow deep breath and telling yourself to be calm and relaxed.

And notice how you instantly respond in a positive healthy way - feeling wonderfully calm, relaxed and in control.

Do this now as I'm quiet for a moment or two.

Pause for a few seconds - waiting until you have noticed the deep breaths in your client.

That's good - and you know - you instinctively know that this works - that you can feel good - you can be relaxed and free from any unwanted feelings - replacing them easily and effortlessly with calm and confident feelings.

And these suggestions are firmly embedded in your subconscious mind and grow stronger and stronger day by day. They grow stronger by the day - stronger by the hour - stronger by the minute.

In a moment, I'm going to count the numbers from one to five and at the count of five you will be wide awake - refreshed and alert - and ready to allow these suggestions to work for you.

One - two - three - coming slowly back - four - eyelids beginning to flutter - and five - eyes open - wide awake - mind and body returning to normality.

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