Benefits of Sleep: My Top 5 List

Enjoy the Benefits of Sleep Like a Pro:

One of the top benefits of sleep: not having a sucky night and a miserable day the next day! Sounds facetious, but we all know how true this is.

Sleep is not about being lazy or just resting. Sleep is crucial for sustained good health. Sometimes, when we haven’t been sleeping well, we forget what it’s even like to feel good. It’s as though we’re walking around in a haze just going through the motions. But, think back to a time in your life when you felt at ease - maybe it was on a relaxing vacation.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel your best like this everyday? It’s totally possible when you start taking sleep seriously. It is possible to retrain your brain to sleep better.

Benefits of Sleep:

Contrary to popular belief, sleep isn’t all about rest and relaxation. While it is true that sleep gives your body a chance to recuperate, the brain works very diligently while you’re asleep.

What is the brain doing all night? Ridding itself of toxins. The brain is actually very energetic at night.

This cleaning service working in the brain allows us to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. Mental clarity relies on good sleep!

Benefits of Sleep:

A good night’s rest allows the rest of your body to relax. In fact, when you’re actively dreaming, your muscles are paralyzed (so you don’t live out your dreams.) Your digestion slows, and your muscles are at ease.

Allowing yourself some down time during sleep is like refueling your car. After a good night’s rest, you wake up refueled.

Benefits of Sleep:

With renewed energy from sleep, you’re better able to be productive. I think everyone knows how awful it can feel to have had a restless night. We’re definitely not performing at our best!

Personally I know when I’m tired and haven’t slept well that all I tend to think about is when I can get home and try to go to sleep.

Benefits of Sleep:

Depression has been linked to poor sleep. When the body’s tired, it’s very difficult for the mind to be perky and happy. Essentially, a sleep deprived body is a depressed body.

If your body’s depressed, certainly the mind will become depressed very quickly.

Benefits of Sleep:
5. Health

According to Harvard medical research, when you’re consistently tired, you’re more likely to get sick. During this study, researchers monitored the sleep habits of 153 people for two weeks. People who slept an average of less than seven hours per night were three times as likely to get sick as those who averaged at least eight hours.

We know that the body and brain cannot run on empty for very long. Sleep renews us. If you feel sick, sometimes the best, and only, thing to do is sleep. You’re going to heal much faster with a good night’s sleep.

If you’re not sleeping well right now, there’s hope! You can reap the benefits of sleep without resorting to pharmaceuticals.

You can retrain your brain to sleep better and enjoy improved focus, energy, productivity, happiness, and health.

I encourage you to give brain entrainment a try for a better night's sleep.  Essentially, you're programming your body and mind to expect a great night's rest. Why would you expect any less from yourself?

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